What to pack for a fall getaway.

What to pack for a fall getaway.

When we’re talking about the ideal fall getaway, we’re looking at a short escape. This adventure tends to take shape as a day trip or a weekend romp. It’s great for the mind and takes you out of that day-to-day grind.

Let’s take a look at a few scenarios and what you’ll need to bring along to have a stress-free getaway!

What to pack for a vacation rental.

You’ve scoured the internet looking for the perfect nearby escapes. The cheapest one looked like it was a fort built by the neighborhood kids in their backyard. No thanks. Whether you found yourself the perfect cabin, tiny home, or room with a view you want to make sure that you bring what you’ll need for this particular fall getaway.

Remember you’re only two nights and three days away from home so you don’t have to bring every shirt you own.

What to pack for that apple picking, pumpkin patch, or hayride excursion.

While this sounds like you’re bringing your kids along, it’s also a fine trip to take with the gals. No shame in reeling in some nostalgia for that quick vacay. Besides you’ve been waiting for a perfectly Instagrammable adventure too. This is it. So what do you bring?

  • We’re in the thick of sweater weather so bring one that’s colorful and cozy.
  • A waterproof layer. Ideally a shell jacket that will protect you from any inclement weather.
  • Blue jeans. Nothing looks better than blue jeans in a pumpkin patch. It’s very fitting for that little photo shoot.
  • Bring a headband or a hat. Not only might it be windy out on those fields, but brisk as well.
  • Bring a camera to record your memories from the day’s activities.
  • Bring a growler too. A reusable container for apple cider might make you want to head back for more later on. That stuff is delicious.

What to pack for a driving and camping trip.

Who doesn’t love a half-day Friday, a scenic drive out of town down those long winding roads along landscapes of burnt orange and red foliage, only to land at your weekend getaway with plenty of time to set up that tent or RV before sundown?

You might end up at a flea market or a brewery along the way, so make sure you have both your camping clothes and your car clothes ready for business.

  • packable jacket is the multi-tool of outerwear. Rain is way more fun when it does indeed go away. Jackets help.
  • Durable gloves. If you’re splitting wood or setting up a fire, gloves will save you from any unwanted splinters.
  • First aid kit. In case of emergency!
  • Backpack. You might want to head out on a little nature trail and if you bring your backpack you can keep all the essentials tucked away in there.
  • Picnic basket and blanket. You can eat anywhere you please.
  • Good jeans. You’ll be comfortable in the driver’s seat and when you’re checking out the vistas along the way.

What to pack when you’re house sitting or in stay-cation mode.

Hey, maybe somebody else is really getting out of town this weekend. That doesn’t mean that while you’re the house or pet sitter that you should banished from the fun. The opposite in fact!

  • Bring along some movies and shows to watch while you’re there.
  • When it’s movie time that means you can wear your favorite pajamas and truly relax.
  • You don’t have to resort to ordering in (but we won’t stop you either). Maybe after watching a few chef shows you’ll want to create your own casserole. Plus, the dog loves when the humans drop food on the ground.
  • When the pup is begging for a walk you can head to the park. Bring along a good windbreaker for the short trip. That and jeans and you’re all set!


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