How to Pack for a Fall Camping Trip

How to Pack for a Fall Camping Trip 

For a fabulous fall camping trip, set your sights on campgrounds and trails that offer up gorgeous views of vibrant foliage. Your next step is to figure out where you want to set up camp. Do you want to spend time basking in the glory of a deep forest, or soaking in the sun in an endless field? Wherever you go, if you're going solo, with friends, or with the kids, there are some items you want to be sure to pack in your bags for your exciting outdoor adventure. 

Camping Essentials

Whether you're glamping, camping, or backpacking, you'll want to bring along a few essentials for any kind of overnight trip in nature. Those items include: 


Unless you plan to sleep in a hammock under the stars, which you might consider on warmer nights, you'll want to bring along a camping tent. Be sure you look up how to set it up before you head out to the woods, where you may not have great cellphone reception. Other camping gear you're sure to need on a fall camping trip include: 

You can usually find great deals on camping bundles, which will include all or most of the items listed above. One thing you'll definitely need to bring from home is a pillow. You can find inflatable pillows as well, but we recommend packing that personalized pillow you know and love.  


Everyone loves the creature comforts of home. Even though you're outdoors and in nature, be sure to keep up with your health and hygiene with the following:  

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Washcloth or face towel
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Biodegradable silk or bamboo floss 
  • Hairbrush (if needed) and hair ties 
  • Toilet paper (if needed)
  • Feminine products (if needed) 
  • Pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil 

Pack your toiletries in a ziplock bag in your women's weekender bag along with your clothes and electronics, so that all your personal non-camping items are together in one place. Bring a few extras in case someone on your camping crew forgets something at home. 


Layering is the name of the game when you're camping during the fall months. Having a base, middle, and outer layer planned for each day will make it easy to mix and match depending on the weather and the level of physical activity you're working with. Be sure to pack: 

  • The right socks, so all your hikes are comfortable, cushioned, and full of crunching leaves.
  • A beanie or hat in case the temperature drops.
  • Women's duck boots to keep your feet dry, warm, and ready for anything. 
  • Women's thermals if you know your daytime hikes will be colder at higher elevations.
  • Comfy sweats for lounging post-hike as you sip your tea or cold beverages
  • Flannel pajamas for the coziest sleep of your life.

Flannel is a great fall fabric choice for any of your camp clothes because it is actually more of a temperature regulator than it is an insulator. That means they'll keep you warm when it's cool, and comfortable when it's warm. 

The Extras

If you want to set up a cute fall camping aesthetic for you and the girls, bring along a few sets of battery operated fairy lights. You can wrap them around your tent, or the bushes or trees around your campsite. Remember to bring new sets of batteries so the magic never ends. Easy to pack games like cards, dice, or travel boards are another great idea for any camping trip, if you know there's a picnic table you can play on. 

Don't forget to bring along a trash or stash bag so that you leave your campsite as clean as you found it — or cleaner! Be sure to check out your spot's regulations on fires, trash, and amenities before you start your trip. That will give you a strong sense of what you might need or not be allowed to bring.

You'll likely use each of the above every day, so store them in an easily reachable spot when you pack your things. With these at the ready, you'll be on an effortless path to relaxation from morning until night.


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