Outerwear She Needs to Survive a Midwest Winter in College

Outerwear She Needs to Survive a Midwest Winter in College

The time has come, and your daughter is getting ready to venture off to her next chapter of life — college. If she is going to college in the Midwest, she could face a brutal winter that's mixed with rain, snow, and sleet. Although this time is both exciting and nerve-wracking, she will want to be prepared for the many different types of weather that she may encounter. Here are the pieces that we recommend to ensure she keeps smiling through the long winter months ahead.

First: A Warm Coat

We might be stating the obvious by saying she’ll need a warm coat when facing a Midwest winter, let us share our knowledge of how to dress for a Wisconsin winter. First, in the Midwest, a coat isn’t just a coat. There are a variety of styles for different purposes. For strolling to and from buildings on a sunny, mild winter day, a lightweight fleece coat may suffice.

But for those days when the sleet is coming at her from sideways, she’ll want something that’s waterproof and has a generous hood. Wind can be brutal, so when choosing a coat, we vote to buy her two coats: squall parka for the blustery days as well as a more lightweight option for mild days.

About That Squall Parka

As mentioned, the winters in the Midwest can be harsh — harsh enough to tempt her to stay in bed instead of putting that tuition money to work in class. A women’s winter parka can be a huge blessing during any Midwest winter, with its insulating middle layer and waterproof outer layer. Thankfully, Lands' End has more than 30 years of experience making the best coats for a Midwest winter, offering a Squall Parka that is windproof, waterproof, and winterproof to help fight off the inevitable winter months. This jacket adds an extra layer of insulation to the upper body and has a fleece-lined collar to help keep her warm. Additionally, this jacket is machine washable, which makes it easy to keep looking brand new, year after year.

Our Lightweight Choice for Mild Winter Days: A Women's Sweater Fleece Coat

In the beginning and towards the end of the winter months, having a women's lightweight jacket on hand is essential for the more enjoyable temperature days. That is why the Women's Sweater Fleece Coat is a great casual jacket to wear back and forth to class and can be a great addition to any outfit. Additionally, this fleece will make a great extra layer under the Squall Parka when temperatures drop—essentially this jacket is a two in one deal.

Snow Boots

Walking to and from class is always one of the most dreaded journeys when the sidewalks are covered in layers of snow or ice. However, having a durable pair of women's snow boots can make this dreaded walk a little less dreadful. When looking for a pair of durable boots, you'll want to make sure they have slip-resistant outsoles to ensure she doesn't slip. Furthermore, make sure her snow boots cover her ankles so that snow doesn't creep into the sides as she's trudging through the potential mounds of snow.

Warm Socks

Although winter boots offer a lot of warmth, having an additional layer of warmth on her feet will help fight off the cold. Having warm pairs of boot socks is great for hanging around the house and they can help her stay cozy during a snowstorm. A great pair of socks for this would be Lands' Ends Women's Thermaskin Heat Marl Boot socks as the fabric generates heat from body moisture. To add extra warmth to these socks, you can even monogram her a message on them, so she will think of you when she puts her socks on.

Winter Hat

Shopping for a winter hat can be difficult, as everybody has a different preference of what kind of hat styles look best on them. However, in the winter months, warmth should be one of the top priorities. You can find a stylish and warm hat made from fleece or cashmere. Both types of hats are warm, comfortable, and offer a sense of style. Fleece hats have the added bonus of being machine washable, which makes caring for your new winter hat easy.


Having a durable pair of gloves during the winter months is crucial. For a college-aged girl, a pair of Fleece EZ Touch Texting Gloves would be a great addition to their winter wardrobe. The fingertip on the thumb and index finger allows her to use the touchscreen, so even the blistering cold won't keep her off her phone or tablet. This is a great asset as she will be able to answer her phone, change a song, or check her email on her walk to class without having to expose her hands to the brisk winter air.

Winter Scarf

Some winter days, a scarf is a must as having limited skin exposure to the cold air can make all the difference. When choosing winter scarves, make sure they are large enough to wrap around the neck and can extend over the bottom portion of her face to block the wind. A cashmere winter scarf has the bonus of being stylish as well as unbelievably soft and warm.

Long Underwear

Having backup layers in your closet for the negative degree days is always a wise decision. Thankfully, Lands' End offers an abundance of different tops and bottoms to ensure she stays warm. Women’s long underwear comes in a variety of different colors and styles to cater to all different shapes, personalities, and styles. Additionally, a few of the pieces make for cute, warm clothes to hang around the house in.

Midwest winters are rather unpredictable, but thankfully Lands' End makes it possible to be prepared for the many different types of weather she could encounter. Check out Lands' End jackets and send her off to college in a warm sense of style.


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