5 Outfits to Wear to a Summer Picnic

5 Outfits to Wear to a Summer Picnic

Summer is the time to go outside and enjoy warm weather. Even the hottest places can be made delightful by cool shade, a chilled drink, and a nice breeze. Of all the events, parties, or other excuses to spend time outside with friends or family, picnics are at the top of the list. Food tends to be simple, so prep is pretty easy as long as you have a cooler. If you have a blanket and a place to put it, you are good to go. Now all you need is the right outfit, especially if there is someone at the picnic you'd like to impress. Here are some ideas that are perfect for the occasion!

The Floral Dress

Dresses are classic warm-weather wear. They have a lovely feminine feel and are light enough to keep you cool in the heat. Floral print dresses, especially in lighter colors, are particularly suited for summer since flowers are everywhere, and the lighter colors match the brightness of the season. The looser and flowier the fit, the cooler the dress will keep you. Match your floral summer dress with a big floppy sun hat to protect your skin and some strappy sandals. If you are picnicking on the grass, choose sandals you can slip off easily so you can give your feet a chance to enjoy the grassy earth beside you.

That 3/4-Sleeve Top

A 3/4-sleeve top is for a cooler summer day or a picnic that you know will go a bit later into the night. Have this top be a slightly darker color so that the shift to evening wear makes sense, then create an eye-catching contrast with white shorts. Blacks and grays on top might make the contrast a little too dramatic, so go with a nice salmon or maybe a navy. Or choose another color that you feel looks good on you. The 3/4 sleeves will keep you from getting too cold, but they aren't long enough to make you too hot either. If you don't have a 3/4 sleeve shirt, choose one of your collared shirts in the right color and roll up the sleeves. You can even tie the tails together if you feel it is too long and you don't want to overheat by tucking it in. Lastly, depending on your style and planned activities, you can finish this look with either sandals or sneakers.

Those Jean Shorts

If you prefer to be a little more active (or you have little ones you may need to run after and rescue), jean shorts are a great piece to wear to the park. Make the outfit cute by combining it with a t-shirt printed with a flower or a loose floral tank top. Both create a simple, tasteful look that works with the heat of the season and the freedom of movement you value. A game of frisbee in the sun or tag under the trees is much easier if you wear a pair of sneakers to run around in. Or, if you trust the grass, kick them off and go barefoot! Now there's a summer look!

A Summer Skirt

Wearing a breezy summer skirt that billows in the wind while you walk to your picnic destination with your picnic basket on one arm and your other hand holding on to your sun hat so that it doesn't fly away in the wind... It recalls a romantic scene in the European countryside. Have your skirt be a light color and on the longer side for this look. Try a midi skirt that is at or a little below the knee. And if it's high-waisted, even better. Pair it with a white or similarly light-colored blouse and some sandals, and boom, you're French.

Finally, The Bathing Suit

Picnics happen at the beach too! And you need to come prepared. Obviously, this look will center around a bathing suit, but which one might be a little more "picnic" than others while still leaving you free to play in the waves? If you are a bikini kind of girl, consider high-waisted bikini bottoms with pointy sunglasses to evoke a vintage '50s style. Back then, people went outside their homes more often, and kids were freer to run around, which is the exact atmosphere of a picnic. If you are a bit more reserved in your swimwear, nod to the summer dress vibe with a swim dress. Swim dresses are cute while also keeping you covered. Add a beach coverup to wear in the car, some sandals you can slip off at the sand line, and this look is complete!

You have your outfit ideas. Now play with what works best for you. Then go out and rock that summer look at your picnic!


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