Outfits for Summer Date Nights

Outfits for Summer Date Nights

Between work, the kids being out of school and running around to different camps, and the regular maintenance of life, sometimes to have to stop and make sure you are making time for your partner in crime. Whether your first fluttery love feelings are in full force or if they have given way to the deeper soul connection between spouses, investing in that relationship has to be a top priority. Finding ways to spend time together consistently and to talk about how everything is going is critical.

Thus, there are date nights.

While ball gowns are a little out of use at the moment, a date is still a chance to get dressed up as well as being an easy way to show you are putting some effort into pleasing your love. Here are some summer date outfit ideas (depending on the date) for you to impress your loved one this year.

For the Secret Meeting

Sometimes schedules collide, and there isn't a perfect day to spend all the time you want. Sneaking out on a lunch break or having your errand route do double duty to surprise your significant other could make for a few delightful rendezvous in the middle of the workweek. As far as outfits are concerned, you will need to be wearing something that will fit in with wherever you work, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. Having some lacy lingerie under a form-fitting pencil skirt and a white blouse would be very appropriate for those slipping out of the office.

If you are coming from home to your darling's work, white pants or jeans are casual while still being nice. A striped t-shirt and sandals would go well for the casual companies, while a pink blouse and low heels might fit a little better for a more formal business setting. Bring something fun to eat or find a quiet corner to connect a bit, and your week just got more interesting.

For the Evening Date

Ah, the classic dinner and a movie combo. Or just dinner with romantic conversation by candlelight. Or just the movie with mutual emotions and wandering hands. Whatever your dream date is, your outfit is going to depend a little bit on the area you live in. Is it a downtown restaurant and a luxurious theater? Dark jeans and a sunset red top or a cocktail dress in a jungle green color might be your perfect match. Is it home-grilled hamburgers and a backyard movie showing? Maybe a floral summer dress with a jean jacket or a boho blouse and women's shorts will be what you are looking for. With bare feet entwining in the grass, that atmosphere is hard to beat.

For the Outdoor Adventure

Are you and your loved one athletic and active? Maybe your idea of a good time is hitting the surf or a Saturday hike in your local national park. If it's a beach date, choose your swimsuit with care. It needs to handle the waves as well as the boardwalk. Bikinis with ties that you can tighten and double-knot will usually serve you well. One-pieces will also do the trick. Bathing suits are normally pretty attractive on their own, but you can bring along a women's cover up dress so the drive there and back can be a bit of a tease. Hikes, on the other hand, call for shorts and sports bras. You can relish in the exposure or cut and tie an old t-shirt so only bits and pieces of you can be seen as you move. Plus, if the shirt gets a little ripped on its way off you, it will go with the aesthetic.

To Play at the Park

Picnics and parks are great places to spend some of your summer. Big barbecue group dates are fantastic for a park, or you can find a secluded tree to set up in the shade and enjoy each other's company for the afternoon. Bringing along water balloons or squirt guns could be a playful way to liven things up. If water is involved, wearing white may not be the best choice unless you have an outer layer available to you. This makes it a great opportunity to break out some of your summer colors! Give the yellows and oranges you have been saving their chance to shine. If you are a cool color person, use your blues and greens to make people think of a tropical island in the sun. And once again, bare feet in the grass is the top choice for making your park outfit complete.

With outfits at the ready and a gorgeous someone by your side, start planning your romantic dates so this summer can be one to remember.


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