Outfits for Rock Concerts

Outfits for Rock Concerts

Getting tickets to see live music is an exciting opportunity to dance, sing, and enjoy listening to talented artists. But what should you wear? Rock concerts are known for having electrifying, upbeat energy, and it’s important to dress for the occasion. There are plenty of ways to express your personal style while fitting in with the rock n’ roll vibe of a show, whether you completely transform your look or simply modify some of your favorite outfits. Here are a few staples to incorporate into your look for your next concert:

Comfortable Shoes

Going to a rock concert typically involves a lot of time on your feet, especially if you have floor tickets with no available seats. Above all else, make sure that you have comfortable shoes that are easy to move and groove in. Rock shows are casual events, so feel free to wear sneakers or tennis shoes that will provide the support you need to dance all night long.

For footwear with a more punk-rock vibe that’s still practical, consider wearing leather boots. Pick lace-up combat books to embody the rock lifestyle, or opt for stylish slip-on Chelsea boots. If you want to wear shoes with a heel, opt for thick, chunky, square heels to provide you with stability and support. Rock shows are no stranger to sky-high platforms, but make sure you’re comfortable with the height of your shoes before committing. Breaking your shoes in by wearing them around the house helps you keep your feet blister-free even after an evening of standing, dancing, and jumping to the music.

Band Tees

Band tees are a classic for a reason—they let you express your love of the music and relate to other fans, all while staying cool and comfortable. You can wear merch from any of your favorite bands to a rock show, especially if it features one of the performing bands or artists from a similar genre. If you don’t have a band tee but want to rock this look, you can always buy a shirt from the merch table before the show and throw it on over a tank top or undershirt.

There are endless ways to style your favorite band tee. Try out DIY upcycling techniques by cutting off the collar for an off-the-shoulder neckline or cutting strips along the bottom to create a playful fringe. To add a custom flair without busting out the scissors, knot the waist for a cute cropped look. For extra coverage, layer it over a plain or striped long-sleeved shirt.


Flannel shirts are a staple in the grunge and rock scene. Classic checkered and plaid flannels are versatile pieces for your concert look, allowing you to stay comfortable regardless of the temperature in the venue. Layer a long sleeve flannel unbuttoned over your shirt if the air conditioner is blasting, or tie it around your waist for warm outdoor shows.


Jeans of any cut or color are welcome at a rock show. Durable, comfortable denim is perfect for rocking out in the crowd. Jeans are easy to dress up or down depending on your style, pairing with everything from a plain white tee to a women's dress shirt.

Whether you want to wear your comfiest high-waist jeans or a grungey pair of distressed straight leg jeans, you’ll fit right into the crowd. For ultimate comfort, style your skinny jeans or jeggings with an oversized t-shirt or a flowy tunic top. Pair your jeans with a denim jacket for a coordinated look.

Leather Jackets

There’s nothing more rock n’ roll than a leather jacket. Throwing on a leather motorcycle jacket adds an edgy element to your outfit while still looking put-together. Leather jackets can complement any style, from casual and punk to cool and elegant. You can pick a heavy-duty leather jacket covered in patches, spikes, and embellishments, or pick out a simple and stylish black jacket. You can also mix it up with colored suede, faux leather, or a plush lining.

Hands-free Bags

When you’re dancing at a rock show, you want to be able to move freely without worrying about your phone, wallet, and other valuables. A cute hands-free bag allows you to stay prepared with all the essentials. Cross-body bags are a popular option, keeping your items safe and close to your body. For extra security, look for bags that sit comfortably across your chest instead of sitting at your side.

Fanny packs are also making a comeback—pick out a stylish fanny pack to wear around your waist and give you convenient access to everything you need. They come in all colors and textiles, from edgy leather to colorful vinyl.

Layered Jewelry

A rock show is the perfect opportunity to bring out your favorite jewelry. You can layer all of your favorite necklaces, from pendants to chokers. Stack beaded bracelets, wristbands, or leather cuffs on both wrists, and add a fun pair of stud earrings to finish off your look.

Ready for your next rock show? Play around with your outfit before the concert to make sure all the layers come together perfectly.


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