Outfits for Every Outdoor Spring Activity

Outfits for Every Outdoor Spring Activity

Ah… spring! This is the season when we get to shake off the winter cold and get outside with more sunshine and warmth. No matter your outdoor spring activities, Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s look at some of the best outfits for enjoying the best of spring.

Walking and Hiking

Whether it’s a leisurely stroll with more daylight or a full-on hike through the wilderness, there's nothing better than getting out in the fresh air with friends and family (or even solo!) and stretching your legs. The right shoes are key when it comes to walking and hiking. You need something to support your feet (and perhaps your ankles) well. Before you set out, make sure that your current footwear is ready for the miles you will put on it. You need good quality shoes or hiking boots that fit well, work with the socks that you want to wear underneath, will give you the traction that you need and are already broken in. If you recently bought new hiking shoes for spring, make sure and give them a tour around the block and the house a few times before you go for a longer jaunt.

Depending upon the weather, you may need women’s shorts or long pants. Check the predictions for your area and factor in how much your blood may be pumping. Often, we start out needing a bit more insulation and then can shed some of that once the sun is high in the sky or we get going. Shorts and a T-shirt with a women’s fleece jacket can be a great option to start. As you get warmer, you can stash your jacket in a string bag or backpack or tie it around your waist.

Jogging and Running

The best outfits for jogging or running take it up a notch. Make sure that your shoes are built for running with the right tread and cushioning for your feet. Also, be aware of what surfaces you will be running on—uneven outdoor trails or city streets require a bit of caution. Enjoy your run but keep an eye on foot placement. Fabrics that wick moisture are great for jogging and running. Read fabric labels carefully and choose performance fabric that is designed to keep you cool. This will also need to fit next to your skin as opposed to a looser T-shirt and shorts outfit that allows for air circulation as opposed to moisture-wicking.


Don’t you love it when the green shoots start coming up in the spring? If gardening is your thing, make sure to protect yourself from the elements like sun and rain. Casual shorts or pants and a top should keep you comfy, along with some sunscreen and a good hat when necessary. Then, when things get muddy (and they will!), consider stepping into your rain boots before you head out to see what those lovely plants are up to today.

Swimming and Boating

Did someone say swimming? If it's warm enough where you live (or if you're traveling to a warm destination), enjoy! Before you head out to the beach or the pool, make sure that your swimsuit fits your current curves. If you need a new one this season, no worries! Lands’ End has everything from regular to petite to plus to tall. Take some time to try out different options in front of a full-length mirror and choose a new suit or two that will make you look and feel great.

Especially if you'll be getting out on the water, choose a good outfit that you can throw on over your suit. A beach cover-up, a T-shirt dress, or a pair of comfy shorts and an oversized top are all good candidates. Make sure that you have no-slip sandals or shoes, too. Boat shoes are classics because they work and make you look stylish at the same time. And don’t forget the sunscreen! You’ll be glad you took care of your skin after your fun day on the water.


There's nothing like a spring picnic to make you smile. When choosing what to wear, think about what activities are on tap. Will you be lounging and visiting? Playing cards on a picnic blanket? Playing beach volleyball? Perhaps going for a nature hike? Whatever fun is likely to break out, be ready for it with the right layers and footwear. Make sure to check the weather before you leave and have a good plan in case of rain. Talking and laughing at picnic benches in a shelter or a last-minute change to make it an indoor picnic in your home can be just as fun as a sunny day.

Pick your pleasure, get out there, and enjoy!


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