Outfits to Keep Warm and Stylish for Fall Events

7 Outfits to Keep You Warm and Looking Cool for Chilly Fall Events

As the temperatures cool and the long days of summer wane, it is time to bring out your fall clothes. As you look through your outfits from last year, it may be time to add some classic fall styles to your repertoire. The right flannel, vest, leggings, or pair of jeans can be the perfect addition to your fall looks to mix and match and have the perfect outfit for all your fall events.

It is easy to wear the same jeans and flannel over and over as it is dependable and simple, but adding some other staples can create multiple go-to outfits throughout the whole season.

Tunics and Leggings

Long-sleeved tunics paired with knit leggings or corduroy leggings are a casual, comfy look that is perfect for the sidelines at football or soccer games. Add a women’s insulated vest for those colder days. When sitting in the stands, it is important to ensure that your feet remain warm throughout the remainder of the game. Tuck your leggings into flannel-lined duck boots, and be sure to pair them with some heavy socks for extra warmth!

Flannel and Jeans

The go-to staple for all fall events is flannel and jeans. Mix it up with a flannel tunic and jeggings, a boyfriend fit and straight-legged jeans, or a women’s flannel shirt tucked into high-rise jeans. This classic look is a must for apple-picking.

Athleisure with Warmth

The fall season is a great time for a hike as you watch the fall foliage. But with the fall season comes cooler weather, particularly in the morning and evening hours. Therefore, it’s essential that you have the right gear to ensure comfort during the trek. The women’s five-pocket active pants are perfect for a hike with moisture-wicking technology and UPF 50 protection, and of course, the ample pocket space for your phone and keys for any potential rock scrambles.

As for your top, it is important to have layers for this fall outfit so that you can remove or add them accordingly. A women’s long-sleeved sun tunic is the perfect bottom layer as it has UPF 50 sun protection and moisture-wicking technology if the temperatures rise. The women’s active track jacket is a perfect top layer, easy to put on or take off. It's also lightweight enough to tie around your waist to keep your hands free during the difficult parts of the trail.

Sweaters Galore

Sweaters in the winter are essential for under your jacket to stay warm, but in the fall, they can be the perfect outer layer. A women’s cardigan sweater for warmer days may be just the additional layer you need to control the chill, or for those cooler days, a crewneck sweater may be all you need to ensure warmth for any activities you have planned.

A Dress and Boots

Heading out to dinner or drinks with family and friends in the fall requires just the right outfit to prepare you for the evening weather. A ¾ sleeve-length dress with boots may be enough for a warmer fall evening, but a night out may entail a few more layers later in the season. Another option is black jeans with a blouse, such as a bracelet sleeve blouse, as a way to feel a bit warmer on a fall evening out. If a coat is necessary, packing a dressier coat will match your evening out vibe, options like the packable quilt barn jacket or the waxed cotton field jacket are cute ways to stay warm.

Sweatshirt with Jeans

A lazy fall weekend with maybe some family walks or a trip to the farmers market calls for a more relaxed, comfortable style. Leggings and a pullover sweatshirt are the perfect comfy, cozy combination for these chill fall weekend days. Another great option is elastic waist jeans, which give the look of jeans, but the comfort of leggings. Pair the jeans with fleece to stay warm and cozy on chilly fall days.

Sweatshirt and Sweatpant Set

You might spend a weekend with the family snuggled under a blanket on the couch and binge-watching your favorite tv show or movie marathon. For these plans, a pair of women’s sweatpants and a zip-front sweatshirt is all you need to have the perfect fall day.

Whatever your fall plans may be, there is a look that can complete the itinerary. Having the right layers is the most important part of any fall outfit, as the warm sunny days can quickly become chilly autumn evenings. Having the right sweatshirt, vest, or coat is key to completing your fall outfit.


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