Outfit Ideas From Clothes You Haven’t Worn in a Year

Outfit Ideas From Clothes You Haven’t Worn in a Year

It’s that time of year again; soon you’ll want to pull out your favorite sweaters. If your fall and winter clothes haven’t been out and about in a while, though, they may need a refresh. No, don’t get rid of those favorites! They just need a little pick-me-up.

Start With a Mini Closet Reorganization

This is fun (and much easier than it sounds)! Dig out your fall and winter clothes and separate them by type and color (e.g., dress pants, jeans, long-sleeved blouses, sweaters, etc.). For hanging clothes, it’s a great idea to hang them up by type and then organize them by color within type. This way, you can really see what you have, what will work, and what you might want to buy to perk things up a bit.

Pull Out Your Favorites

Make sure to work with your favorites first. While you are organizing them, think about what might make them stand out. Maybe those perfect-fitting women’s jeans could use a new women’s white blouse. There is nothing more classic than a white blouse, and you want one that is bright and fresh. Add a pair of booties, and you have a go-anywhere ensemble.

What about that gorgeous silk blouse you haven’t worn in ages? Plan a new outfit around it and have it ready to go for a dinner out or a chic evening in. And don’t forget those favorite shoes! It’s easy to get stuck in a “shoe rut” and not enjoy what you already own. A mini closet reorg is like going shopping in your own closet.


Our favorites for cold weather are back! What sweaters do you love and haven’t worn since last year? Which ones make you feel cozy, bring out your eyes, or look fabulous with your hair? What pants and skirts do you already have that would work with them? Maybe a big, slouchy sweater with trim-looking dress pants or a sleek sweater with a pencil skirt. Break out of your old patterns by mixing and matching in front of a full-length mirror. Consider adding a new pair of cute flats. There are so many fun new patterns available, or you could go for classics like animal prints, metallic, or a lovely black ballet flat that will go with almost everything you own.

Wear a Third Piece Over a Tank or Shell

A women’s cardigan over a tank top or shell can add instant appeal to a casual outfit, taking it from casual to business casual or an evening out. A long cashmere cardigan is an instant statement piece. Experiment with colors. There is nothing like a lovely pop of color for a cardigan or blazer over neutral pants and a top for style, comfort, and versatility.

Don’t Forget Accessories

What about those favorite purses, belts, and scarves that haven’t seen the light of day in months? Pick out your favorite purse and plan an entire outfit around it. This may seem silly, but you will love the results, and aren’t clothes and accessories supposed to make you smile? That lovely scarf you haven’t worn in ages can put a spring in your step. For scarves, whether they are long and flowing or neat and tidy, they add instant interest.

Open your jewelry box and pull out something fun you haven’t worn in ages. Why did you quit wearing that favorite pendant anyway? Whatever the reason, give it (and you) new life by wearing it with a flattering top in just the right color. The same goes for earrings. How many of us have two or three favorite pairs of earrings that we repeat? There’s nothing wrong with that, but variety can brighten your look and your day. Put a little sparkle into the new season whether you’re running errands or going to a dinner party.

Bend Fashion Rules

Many of us were taught never to wear white after Labor Day or before Easter. That may still be your comfort zone but even so, experiment a bit—at least in front of your own mirror. You never know what cool combination you will style for yourself. Fashion has become more flexible. You can wear boots with shorts while it’s still warm, break up suits into separates, wear pearls with casual clothing, and mix and match high and low fashion in ways that our grandmothers wouldn’t have dared (but probably would have enjoyed!).

However you decide to fashion your outfits, make sure they fit your lifestyle now. It’s about your style, your comfort, and your individuality.


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