Outfit Ideas for Your Summer Bike Day

Outfit Ideas for Your Summer Bike Day

Enjoy an exhilarating summer bike day in cool, comfortable women’s apparel. Whether you’re heading out for a leisurely ride or a demanding workout, there are multiple outfit options to consider. Keep reading for our favorite pieces for summer cycling — and most any other summer sport. The following tops and bottoms are versatile enough to mix and match, so you can put together many outfits with them:


There are many women’s T-shirts suitable for a bike day. Opt for a Supima cotton tee for maximum durability, as this cotton species is twice as strong as regular cotton. Its long-staple fiber weaves into a fabric that’s sturdy and colorfast, so you can wear and wash it many times. There are solid-color tees and graphic tees with fun prints. Classic crewnecks look stylish with any type of bottoms, although you can also find V-neck and scoop-neck T-shirts for an on-trend look.

Another option is a T-shirt or other short-sleeve top made with a blend of cotton, modal, and spandex. This fabric blend is breathable and moisture-wicking, and it has a generous amount of stretch for freedom of movement. Cotton and cotton-blend tees go with any type of summer bottoms, whether you prefer shorts or cropped pants.


Women’s tank tops are good for a bike day, although you may want to wear a rash guard tee on top for extra protection against the harshest sun rays of the day. Also, make sure to wear sunscreen on uncovered areas. There are women’s cotton tank tops and those made from stretchy, high-performance materials. The most important things to look for when choosing a tank top for cycling are comfort, breathability, and a sun protection factor of UPF 50.

You can layer tank tops under women’s scoop-neck tops for a stylish look and extra coverage. Tank tops are adaptable for most occasions and every season, and they come in colors and necklines to suit most every fashion preference.


Another type of shirt that’s great for summer biking is the women’s polo shirt. There are women’s polo shirts in various fabrics, including lightweight cotton mesh and performance polyester with sun protection. This classic collared style comes in short- and long-sleeve styles; for summer sports, you’ll definitely want the short-sleeve variety. Polo shirts are fashionable enough to pair with any shorts or pants, and you can also wear them with skirts and skorts for other pursuits like tennis or a semi-casual lunch date.


If you’re planning to bike during the cool evening hours, a hoodie is a must-have. Even when it’s hot, a lightweight rash-guard hoodie with UPF 50 can protect against the sun. If you stop in the middle of your ride for a dip in the lake, a rash guard is a must after you get out of the water. Although you may not always need one when bicycling, pack a hoodie in your backpack or tote bag just in case.


Bike shorts are designed for cycling, as they hug the body and provide coverage for the bottom, hips, and thighs. The knee-length of this short style helps prevent chafing caused by your bike seat rubbing against the skin. Cycling shorts are as trendy this year as they are functional, and they come in a variety of colors and prints to coordinate with your athleisure wardrobe. Look for polyester-blend fabrics infused with spandex for comfort and long-lasting wear.

There are also women’s athletic shorts with an elastic waist with a roomier fit. They come in various lengths, including a modest to-the-knee length. Some styles have pockets for toting small items, and all of them are machine washable—a feature you’ll definitely want in any piece of workout wear.


Capri pants are similar to bike shorts, except longer. There are athletic styles and dressier styles of capris for summer wear; for biking, opt for a pair with an elastic waist. Cotton and polyester fabrics are comfortable and breathable, and they fit close to the body without being too tight. Avoid wide-leg cropped pants when biking for safety. Most athletic top pairs well with capri pants, including tees and tanks of all kinds.

Accessories for Your Bike Day

Now that you know a bit more about summer biking fashions let’s talk about accessories. You don’t want to overload yourself with items, but it’s wise to carry essentials and a water bottle. There are small backpacks that work well for this purpose, or you could strap on a fanny pack and tote your water bottle in the holder on your bike. Fanny packs were popular decades ago, and now they’re back in fashion for summer sports, festivals, and other events.

With a few pieces of summer athletic apparel, you can put together multiple outfits for warm-weather bike adventures. These same outfits can be adapted to gym trips, tennis dates, and any other active pursuit.


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