3 Outfit Ideas For Groomsmaids

3 Outfit Ideas for Groomsmaids

Your wedding’s big details have been planned out. You have the venue, the catering, decorations, and even the outdoor furniture rentals secured for the big day. The table linens, flowers, and other plants and greenery are also ready to go for your decorators to arrange before the celebration.

While the big picture items typically demand the most attention, the finer details like what your wedding party will wear also matter. After all, your party will appear in many photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. These days, brides and grooms are breaking from tradition and including whoever is close to their hearts in their wedding party. If you are a groom and have a female best friend or relative whom you want to include, then you don’t have to be restricted to making her just a guest—or a misplaced bridesmaid—anymore. Make her a groomsmaid and have her be in your party in all the photos and major moments of your wedding. How can she dress to make sure she matches your other groomsmaids and groomsmen? Here are three outfit ideas for groomsmaids.

Breaking Tradition to Include all Your Besties

According to a recent survey, 70% of couples still arrange their wedding parties according to gender. This can force brides and grooms to exclude loved ones of a different gender just because of tradition. However, more people than ever are deciding to break ties with this practice and include whatever family members or friends they want in their wedding parties. Today, we have groomsmaids and bridesmen happily joining wedding photos and taking their places next to their best friends on their special day.

Groomsmaids can be a childhood best friend or a female family member who has been with the groom through thick and thin. It’s natural that these loved ones should take part in all the important traditional milestones of the groom’s wedding celebrations. She has many important roles to play— like helping with the bachelor party, being a supportive friend to the groom and bride-to-be, and helping with the wedding day details. She is another hand to take the stress off the bride and groom. In short, this role is no different from being a regular bridesmaid or groomsman. If you want to include your best friend in your wedding, regardless of gender, it’s time to start planning the fine details, such as your wedding party’s outfits.

What do Groomsmaids Wear?

Since the idea of having a groomsmaid is still a rather unfamiliar concept, people are making their own judgments. Overall, your groomsmaid can wear whatever looks good and matches the color scheme of your wedding. Also, groomsmaids typically have more freedom in what they wear compared to bridesmen since they can choose to march to the beat of their own drums or match with the groomsmen. Therefore, dressing isn’t as hard a task for a groomsmaid. Here are some ideas to help your wedding party plans.

1) Formal Women’s Dresses

The most popular type of attire for groomsmaids are formal women’s dresses that are usually darker in color to align with the rest of the groomsmen’s suits. This dress shouldn’t be the same as the bridesmaids’ attire but should make it easy to tell that the groomsmaid belongs to the grooms’ party. It is meant to complement the clothing of the groom’s party. In this way, groomsmaids enjoy having a unique look that still blends in with the fashion concept of the groomsmen.

2) Tuxedos & Suits

Your groomsmaid may also prefer to wear the same suit or tuxedo that the groomsmen are wearing. She may also want to slightly deviate from the style of your other groomsmen to find a cut and fit that she feels the most comfortable with. As long as it stays within your desired color scheme, it will look great. Make sure that she gets a boutonniere just like the rest of your other groomsmen to spruce up her suit on the big day. For a suit that fits her perfectly, order in advance, so there is time to get it tailored and to ensure that the right size is available.

She may also choose to wear a women’s white blouse and dress pants that are similar in color to the groomsmen but with tailoring that suits her figure the best. This allows her to make her outfit in any way she prefers while still matching the color scheme and mood of your wedding.

3) Fancy Jumpsuits

In recent years, jumpsuits have made a huge comeback because of their stylish appearance and comfort factor. Options range from ultra-casual rompers with shorts to semi-formal long pants. If your groomsmaid prefers to combine the best of comfort with the formality of a suit or dress, then a dressy jumpsuit is also another wonderful option. This style typically has long pants and is made with an attractive material like blended cotton or silk.

These outfit ideas for your groomsmaid will make sure that she looks stylish and feels comfortable throughout your wedding celebration. Not to mention, all your wedding photos will include the most special people in your life!


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