Three Outfit Ideas for Camping This Fall

Three Outfit Ideas for Camping This Fall

Fall is one of the best seasons for camping. While summer camping has its own set of perks, autumn is a great time of year for getting outside and celebrating nature. The leaves are starting to change, there's a crisp, cool feeling to the air, and the bugs tend to be a bit less, well, buggy. Fall hikes are simply magical, with the temperature being just right throughout the day, and don’t even get us started on the cozy vibes of roasting marshmallows over the fire on a perfect fall night.

If you're looking into campsites for September or October, then the next step is figuring out what to pack. Since you don’t have unlimited room in your backpack, bringing the right clothes for camping can make all of the difference for your trip. Read on for three simple outfit ideas that are ideal for fall camping.

Perfect for Hiking

If your camping trip will involve lots of hikes, then this first outfit idea is for you. Start with a pair of athletic shorts, ideally a pair that’s made of a moisture-wicking, breathable material, with a comfortable waistband so you can stay comfortable throughout a day of exploring. This type of athletic shorts is also perfect for camping because they dry out quickly, in case you want to hand wash them and wear them again on another day of the trip.

Pair these shorts with a women's t-shirt, also in a moisture-wicking material that you can comfortably wear over a sports bra or athletic tank. Go for a short-sleeve tunic top with a curved hem and UPF 50 protection for added protection against the sun throughout the day (but remember to also reapply your sunscreen).

Complete this hiking-friendly outfit with your comfiest pair of sneakers or hiking boots, depending on the intensity of the trails. Be sure to bring extra socks just in case your feet get wet during any of the day’s activities. Also, don’t forget to stick a packable jacket in your day bag in case there’s any unexpected drizzle or the temperature drops while you’re adventuring.

Ideal for Campfire Coziness

No camping trip is complete without evenings spent around the campfire. From cooking over the open fire to roasting marshmallows, sitting around the campfire with family and friends on a crisp fall evening is the centerpiece for most fall camping trips. With that in mind, this outfit is designed to keep you extra comfy as you chill by the campfire in the evening or early morning.

This outfit starts with a pair of women's cropped pants with a comfy midrise elastic waist that hits right around the ankle. Opt for a pair in soft jersey cotton in a print or color that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty from sitting on a log or bench.

Pair these oh-so-cozy bottoms with an equally comfortable and easy cotton crewneck women’s sweater that you can layer over a simple tee-shirt or under a heavier layer, like your packable jacket, although you might be warm enough just sitting by the fire.

Since your ankles will be exposed with this outfit, be sure to rock high enough socks with whatever shoes or slides you wear by the campfire. A beanie is also a must if it’s chilly enough out. It's the best cute, easy, and comfy outfit to relax in as you get toasty by the fire.

Great for Water Activities

While fall camping might not mean spending the whole day in your swimsuit, some fall camping will definitely include some water activities. If you’re going to be camping by a lake you can wade in or a creek you can walk through, this outfit is a must-have.

The bottoms here are a pair of women’s bermuda shorts, which are the perfect length to provide added protection for your thighs while still being flexible enough to be active in. Opt for a pair in a khaki or olive green shade to really fit that outdoorsy vibe, and make sure that it’s a pair that you don’t mind getting a little wet or muddy. Pair these bottoms with a quick-dry short sleeve tee layered over a sports bra, in case you feel inspired to dive in or some friendly splashing takes place.

Complete this outfit with a sunhat or a baseball cap and your most comfortable water shoes or water-friendly sneakers. Make sure you bring a waterproof bag that holds your essentials as you adventure around!

With these easy-to-care, practical, and comfy outfits in your rotation, you’ll be ready to go on your next fall camping trip. We hope you can get out there and enjoy the autumnal magic!


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