4 Outfits to Wear for a Cozy Day in 2023

4 Outfits to Wear for a Cozy Day in 2023

When you think of a cozy day, you have something that’s special to you that comes to mind. Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal cozy day looks like. Perhaps you envision a movie marathon, wrapped in a pile of blankets. Maybe you instantly think of curling up in your favorite chair with a book in hand and a cup of tea nearby. Your perfect cozy day could mean a TV binge in bed, building a fort with your kids in the living room, or lounging with your pup on your plushest rug.

No matter what your ideal cozy day consists of, one thing is true for every possible scenario: it wouldn’t be a cozy day without your comfiest outfit on. A cozy day isn’t a cozy day in jeans and a blazer, right? With this in mind, we’ve put together four outfit ideas that we hope leave you feeling inspired to embark on your coziest day yet, whatever that may look like for you.

Not Just for Jogging

In most scenarios, your cozy day won’t involve any jogging, but this outfit starts with a plush pair of women’s joggers. Joggers tend to be a slightly lighter version of sweatpants and taper in at the leg with a stylish cuff. We love joggers for a cozy day because they offer all the comforts of your go-to sweats but with a slightly more trendy touch.

To build this outfit (and then relax for the rest of the day, don’t worry!), start with a pair of joggers in your favorite color. For colder months or if you tend to run cold all year-round, pair your joggers with a long-sleeve thermal tee or crewneck sweater and slippers. For warmer months, pair your joggers with a short-sleeve tee or cotton tank top. This look also works fine for quick errands or walks around the block in case you need to make a cozy day snack run or take the dog for a walk!

Lovely Lounging

Lounge dresses are the perfect solution if you want to be as comfy as possible while still feeling a little fancy. Just like that one nightgown or oversized sleep shirt you can’t seem to part with, a lounge dress is something you can just throw on and move on with your day, whether that’s moving from your bed to the couch or your couch to your favorite reading chair.

If you’re looking for an outfit for cold-weather cozy days, opt for a long-sleeve mid-calf lounge dress and simply slip this on before you step into your slippers. If you tend to run warm or want the versatility for the hotter seasons, go for a short-sleeve knee-length cotton option. You can definitely layer this over leggings or pair it with a cardigan for those in-between temperature days.

No Sweat

Cozy days are not about breaking a sweat unless you happen to love the idea of a blanket pile or setting up camp by the fireplace. The only “sweat” we’re referring to here, though, is the comfiest of comfy women’s sweatshirts. There’s something about the right sweatshirt that can make it easily become the most worn item in your closet, which is why this outfit idea starts there.

For warmer days, go for a crewneck long-sleeve sweatshirt tunic in a cute, summery pattern like blue tie-dye or hibiscus floral paired with matching or complementary comfy summer shorts. And on chillier days, simply swap your shorts out for your joggers or your favorite leggings. This outfit will allow you to cozy up all day in an effortlessly cute look.

Nothing But Child’s Pose

Your cozy time should be all about taking it easy, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to stretch your legs at all between episodes of your favorite show. That’s why this outfit is all about the yoga pant.

Capri yoga pants aren’t just for yoga, but they do provide an ideal option for a full-on lounge around the house day. You can relax in these cozy bottoms with a loose-fitting cotton tank to keep things cool or rock a sweater layer if you want some added warmth. This comfy outfit is perfect for any activity your cozy day brings, from extreme fort-building to getting lost in a book to accidentally falling asleep in child’s pose (we’ve all been there!) to absolutely nothing at all.

Relaxing in style should be just as effortless as watching your favorite movie for the hundredth time or sipping tea in your reading nook. We hope that these oh-so-easy outfit ideas leave you feeling inspired to enjoy the cozy day you know you deserve in 2023!


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