Best Outdoor Activities for Colder Weather

Best Outdoor Activities for Colder Weather

When the temperature starts to drop, you can find all kinds of ways to spend time enjoying the outdoors. As long as you're leaving the house prepared with the proper clothing and mindset, winter weather can be exciting, invigorating, and an excellent opportunity to play. Here are just a few ideas to get you into the spirit of the season.

Family Photo Shoot

Have you been looking for a unique twist to your holiday card this year? Look no further than out the window. If you see a snowy marvel out there, dress up the whole family in bold colors like bright reds or deep greens, or opt for matching family pajamas for an extra ounce of cute. There are so many chances to capture authentic moments of joy as you, your kids, or the pets frolic around on a snowy day.

Snow Games

If you're looking for an outdoor winter activity for adults or kids, why not embrace all that winter has to offer? Make snow angels, carve out a snow fort, or have yourself an old fashioned snowball fight. Just be sure you know where the hot cocoa is at all times so that you can take breaks and warm up as needed.

You can kick it up a notch by creating some winter art. The simplest way to do so is to grab food coloring, mix it up with some cold water, and use a spray bottle to create a colorful assortment of snow sculptures. Prep everyone with winter gloves to ensure all-day comfort and creativity.

Skating and Skiing

Ice skating and ice hockey are easy wins for the whole family. You can usually find a rink or a small pond outdoors with a quick search online, and everyone stays warm as they glide at the speed they like. For little ones who are new to skating, most rinks offer kid-sizes supports to help them learn this sweet and special new activity.

If your family loves to ski, and you don't want to travel far, there are often plenty of smaller slopes nearby to try out. Skiing is another winter activity that is fully outdoors, but physical enough that you stay warm all day. Plus, the promise of mulled wine, warm apple cider, or hot cocoa after a day outdoors is as enchanting as the views you'll get as you ski down the hillside.

Tubing and Sledding

If you're looking for an activity that is all fun, with barely any fuss, find a hill that works for a day of tubing or sledding. With the right gear, like insulated snow pants and winter accessories, you and the family are sure to make memories that last a lifetime. Keep the laughs going all day with different challenges each time, like a race to the finish, or a race back up to the top.

Winter Walks

Cold weather hikes are exciting and easy to plan. You can find options along a flat or low-elevation trail, or something a little more challenging, depending on your interests and family's walking preferences. Little kids might surprise you with their love for jumping and sliding along a skilled trail, so don't hesitate to mix it up every once in a while.

If you want to make your winter hikes a tried and true weekly activity, find everyone a pair of walking or trekking poles for traction. Make sure everyone has what they need to stay warm, from winter hats to warm and cozy women's thermals. Hiking off-season also means you're unlikely to bump into a bunch of other people, giving you a chance to soak in the serenity of a winter walk every time.

Outdoor Fairs

Look out for seasonal outdoor bazaars or craft fairs, where the whole family can find something to bring home. You can find all kinds of exciting options for the home, from Christmas ornaments to new family quilts to gourmet pet treats — plus, you can usually score some steaming hot chocolate to warm you up as you peruse. Pick one day where all eyes are looking for holiday gifts for loved ones instead of personal items, and see how fun it can be to share your unique gifts throughout the season.

Offer a Helping Hand

Check in on your neighbors to see if any of them need support during the winter months. You may find that someone struggles to shovel their driveway, or is unable to salt their walkway without help. Offering a helping hand can strengthen your community and build a sense of social responsibility for everyone in the family.

If you find that some of your winter clothes or accessories have been outgrown, or you just want to clear out some space for new styles in your closet, consider donating those items to organizations in your town that serve others in need. 'Tis the season!


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