Our Favorite Winter Core Aesthetics

Our Favorite Winter Core Aesthetics

Winter is a season that offers breathtaking beauty in more ways than one. Think of the festive holiday décor, the beautiful blanket of crisp white snow on the ground, the twinkling lights; it all provides for a magical experience and offers many opportunities to decorate. From your clothing to your home décor, let us help you achieve a perfect winter core aesthetic you are sure to love!

Perfect The Lighting

When looking for ways to make your home warmer, comfier, and more inviting, focus on the lighting. The right lighting will help set the tone for an irresistibly cozy, quintessentially wintery atmosphere. If you are working with a limited budget, something as simple as fragrant candles displayed throughout your home will do the trick. Find candles in your favorite scent and place them throughout your bedroom, bathrooms, living room, and dining room. Along with candles, if you are decorating for the holiday season, use string lights for the exterior of your home as well as your Christmas tree. No need to take the festive string lights down after the holiday! To keep the winter core aesthetic in play, keep string lights up throughout the rest of the winter. You can hang them up over stair banisters, a fireplace mantle, and on the walls in your home. This will provide that cozy light needed during dark, dreary winter nights.

Bring Out The Cozy Sweaters

Think of the clothing you wear as a key element of the winter core aesthetic within your home. Cozy, print crewneck sweaters and comfy plaid flannel pajamas are classic looks that enhance a winter core theme. Along with cozy winter clothing staples, stock up on essential winter accessories, like soft, warm scarves and slippers you can wear at home. Stick to darker, richer tones and avoid brighter, bolder colors or pastels. The colors and prints play into the winter core decor theme, so think emerald greens, deep reds, off-white shades, grays, and browns. All of these colors help drum up feelings of nostalgic winter coziness.

Go Over The Top With Christmas Décor

Some might say otherwise, but when it comes to holiday décor, you can never go overboard, especially if you want to achieve the look of a cozy winter cottage or a home in the North Pole. Decorate your home to your heart’s content with wreaths, garlands, trees, ornaments, and Christmas rugs. Make your home a place where guests will gasp as soon as they walk in. Part of the fun of the holiday spirit is making everything feel a little more magical, from what you wear to how you decorate your home to what you fill up your calendar with during the holiday season.

Get Your Bedding Right

Snuggling up under Christmas blankets and going to bed warm and cozy are important aspects of the winter core aesthetic. Stock up on your blanket collection well before the winter season begins so you can have plush, soft blankets to curl up in on the couch or layer on your bed. Change out your lightweight cotton or linen bed sheets for thick, warm flannel sheets and switch out your year-round throw pillows for holiday-themed and wintery throw pillows. Along with the actual bedding itself, you can decorate your bedroom in a variety of ways for the winter season. Add new lighting or candles to your nightstand, decorate your headboard with garland or fake snow, add a mini evergreen tree to the top of your wardrobe…the opportunities to decorate are endless!

Winterize Your Cookware, Bakeware, and Drinkware

Thick casserole dishes, holiday-print bake dishes, and festive mugs for all your hot beverages. Winter is the time to ditch frozen margaritas for hot cups of coca filled to the brim with marshmallows or delicious mulled wine. Take a look at the cooking supplies you have in your kitchen and modify them for a wintery theme. A gorgeous wood-carved charcuterie board is a great addition to a winter core aesthetic and pairs nicely with ceramic mugs and other winter drinkware. Consider adding a beautiful, wintery tablecloth to your dining room table and swap out your regular dish towels for holiday dish towels.

Don’t Forget Your Pets

If there are pets in your home, you don’t want to forget to give them the full winter core treatment too! Treat your furry friends to adorable sweaters and winter outfits they can wear to keep warm indoors and outdoors. If your four-legged friend loves snowy walks, get them cute boots to keep their little paws protected. Surprise them with a new bed and a little doggie blanket to ensure they are just as warm and snuggly as the rest of the family.

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