Our Favorite Fleece Winter Essentials

Our Favorite Fleece Winter Essentials

Ah… fleece! Is there anything better than that fabulous warm, soft, fabric for winter essentials? If you love fleece (and who doesn’t?), Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s look at some of our favorite fleece winter essentials.

Family Fleece for Every Body

Whether your crew is small, tall, or something in between, we have the fleece that fits. From petite sizes to plus sizes to women’s tall to men’s big and tall (and of course kids’ sizes!), Lands’ End fits every body. A men’s or women’s fleece jacket is a wardrobe staple that can’t be beaten. It will keep you cozy indoors when you want a bit more warmth, outdoors when there is a winter chill in the air, and underneath your winter coat when winter does its worst.

When shopping for family fleece, start with the current measurements for your crew. As you gather current chest, waist, hip, sleeve length, and inseams, jot this information down in your phone with the date for easy access. Check the size charts against everyone’s current measurements. It’s also wise to choose a retailer that has a great return policy (like ours) in case something needs to be returned or exchanged. We label our clothes “women’s” and “men’s” for convenience but feel free to shop the whole store for the styles and sizes that fit you best. Consider a fleece vest for added versatility. They look great with everything from long-sleeved T-shirts to sweaters, and will keep you cozy.

Wonderful, Warm Fleece

Did someone say, “Fleece blanket?” Yes, please! If you want the coziest of cozy for you and yours, add fleece blankets to their beds and have a couple of fleece throws handy in the family room. Fleece pajamas and fleece robes will keep you warm whether you're binge-watching a favorite series or playing board games with the family at the dining room table. For the little ones, consider footed fleece pajamas. They’ll not only keep them cozy from head to toe but are also fun to wear.

If you love to feel nurtured, white can be a fun neutral for fleece. It looks both spa-like and like snow at the same time. Why not consider a mini makeover of your bedroom and bathroom that includes fleece blankets and fleece loungewear along with fluffy white towels and a new winter duvet? With a few new additions and a bit of organization, you can take your bedroom and bathroom from okay to a winter haven. Consider adding candles in both rooms for instant ambiance and warmth. White votive candles in clear glass are a great spa-like look that is easy and economical.

Fleece for Fitness

Whether you prefer your activewear for working out or hanging out, consider fleece. It’s a great choice for men’s and women’s activewear, from joggers to tops to hoodies. If you enjoy outdoor sports, fleece is your winter weather friend. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are traditional fleece items because they're lightweight and maintain warmth and breathability. Who wouldn’t want to wear super soft activewear, that comes in a rainbow of colors, and is easy to launder?

When caring for your fleece, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Fleece washes easily. It’s usually best to wash it in cold water with other fleece garments and limit the heat if you're using a dryer. The pilling that can happen over time with fleece is caused by friction and heat (most often from the dryer). If you have little ones in your family, inspect kids’ fleece jackets regularly. As a synthetic fabric, fleece handles stains better than most, but you still want to get to them quickly. If your child wears a fleece jacket frequently, you may need to wash it once a week to keep it tidy.

Fleece for Finishing Touches

When buying winter wear essentials, don’t forget the winter hats, gloves, and mittens! Fleece is a great choice for these, too. For a quick pulled-together look, choose the same neutral color or bright color for your hat and gloves. Dark neutrals like black are both practical because they hide stains, and give your outfit a finished look.

If you haven’t already done so, do a quick check to make sure that everyone in the family is covered with hats and gloves. If you have kids, make sure to have at least one extra pair of gloves or mittens for them stashed away just in case. When they suddenly discover that they only have one left from a pair and don’t know what happened to the other one, you’ll be glad you did. Some parents even keep extra gloves or mittens in the glove compartment of their cars.

Fleece is a wonderful, warm choice for winter. Stay cozy in your fleece essentials!


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