Christmas Wish List

Our Christmas wish list

What do we want for Christmas this year? Our two front teeth? How about some peace on earth, goodwill, all that great stuff? That’s all fine and good, and we’d love all of that to come true, plus many more wonderful things. But that doesn’t put many presents under the tree for Christmas morning. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite things for Christmas this year, what’s sure to be right at the top of our wish lists.

So cottony. So absorbent.

We don’t know what we’d do without our beautiful Lands’ End Supima® Bath Towels. Well, without them we’d be a lot wetter after stepping out of the shower, and we’d be way less happy. This year we’re wishing for Supima towels in elegant stripes or with beautiful cane weave details. Supima towels are amazingly soft and made from a rare, high-quality cotton.

We’ve been extra good this year, so maybe if we keep it up we’ll get a set of monogrammed bath towels. Nothing makes a bathroom look extra-detailed more than monogrammed towels. We love the added sophistication and personal touch they add. Monogramming and embroidery can be that one thing that helps the whole room come together.

Bathroom finishes

While we were in the bathroom thinking about how things could be polished and complemented, we realized something: this tired old shower curtain has got to go. At Lands’ End we offer unique shower curtains that can brighten up a whole bathroom or help tie together the look you’re going for. Some of our shower curtains are designed to coordinate with our towel sets, which helps provide a cohesive feel. We’d love it if our gift givers coordinated with one another and got our shower curtains embroidered, too – because if there’s one thing that beats out embroidering something, it’s embroidering multiple somethings.

Hung by the mantel (with care)

Golly gee, not much else can put a smile on our faces quite like a personalized Christmas stocking! If there’s one gift that keeps on giving, it’s the needlepoint stocking. Hang one up, and people just put stuff in it for you. Year after year, we love pulling out that stocking and seeing what kinds of fun gifts people come up with to stuff our stockings. What’s more, stockings can be embroidered for free with our names or initials, a lovely personal touch.

Soft and cozy

Finally, let’s talk winter bedding. We love how soft and warm flannel sheets are in the winter – they’re our warmest! Lands’ End flannel sheets are made by a family-owned mill in Portugal, and they make sheets the same way they have been for over 100 years – able to stand up to even the coldest Scandinavian winters. Unlike some synthetic materials, flannel doesn’t cling to the surrounding air, so, even in cold rooms, they feel cozy to the touch. The best part of all – you guessed it – they can be monogrammed! Monogrammed bedding adds that great final touch to make your bedroom suite look like it came right out of a magazine.

So, friends, take note. Just in case you who might want to pick up something for us. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it, but didn’t know what to get us. We hope this guide points you in the right direction, and remember, if you can monogram it, you definitely should.

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