How to Organize Your Closet for Summer

How to Organize Your Closet for Summer

Ah yes, endless sunshine, tank tops, and flip flops — what’s there not to love about the summer months? With the onset of summer comes everyone’s favorite time to bust out the warm-weather clothing. Organize your closet for the best of summer magic so you can spend less time digging through your laundry and more time soaking up those summer rays.

Get Rid of Old Clothes

Kick-off the summer season right by combing through your old clothes. Start by getting rid of anything you didn’t wear over the fall and winter season. Next up, go through your summer wears. Got women’s shorts that are worn thin? Toss ‘em and pick up a new pair. Perhaps you bought some cotton dresses for summer that you just haven’t worn. Go ahead and create a donation pile. Opt to get rid of your older clothes, especially anything that’s a duplicate.

Going through your wardrobe not only opens up more room in your closet, but it also keeps you more organized. Don’t forget to update your wardrobe with a few key pieces of clothing that are on-trend for the new season. Ideally, you want to have enough free space in your closet to quickly be able to see all your clothing without rifling through piles. Challenge yourself by getting rid of one piece of clothing for every new piece of clothing you buy. As a result, you’ll have a streamlined organizational system that ensures your closet isn’t bursting at the seams.

Sort by Favorites

Everyone has their favorite pair of women’s jeans, little black dress, or bikini that they simply never leave home without. Put these items at the forefront of your closet. Since you’ll always be grabbing them, it’s important to keep them upfront and handy. That way you can quickly put on your favorite outfit and head out the door. Place other items aside (don’t be shy to go through them again and get rid of anything that just doesn’t make you feel inspired).

Pack Up Wintery Wears

Limited on closet space? No problem, simply pack up your winter clothing and store it for next season. Storing old items gives you more closet space to work with, letting you have more room for a clutter-free closet full of summer clothing. Use vacuum-sealed bags, storage tubs with mothballs, or even just move wintery clothes toward the back of deep shelving.

Either way, be sure to put your summer-inspired threads toward the front of your closet. Don’t forget to swap out your footwear, too. Take those wintery boots and put them away while you bust out your favorite strappy sandals that go perfectly with your capri pants

Organize by Clothing Type

Sort your shorts from your summery pants and your tank tops from your women’s blouses. You can organize by work and play, tops and bottoms, or whatever else best suits your lifestyle.

Sorting your clothing keeps your closet organized and easy to manage. Think about your space, the amount of clothing that needs to be hung vs. folded, and other organizational factors that are unique to you. Again, a pile system works well here.

Choose What to Hang

Once you’ve got your organizational scheme figured out, it’s time to put your summer closet together. Start with hanging. Which items need to be hung up and which items prefer to be folded? Dresses, blouses, pants, and other items that tend to wrinkle should certainly have a hanger reserved for them. However, things like bathing suits, shorts, and even basic tees can quickly be folded and put away.

Color Coordinate

As you hang and fold your clothing, try to sort similar colors together. This handy closet organization hack lets you quickly mix and match attire for the picture-perfect outfit. When you’ve got your clothing hung up by a similar type and color, you can quickly grab what you need.

Now is also a great time to do one more comb-through. Do you have three blue short sleeve women’s shirts? Perhaps get rid of one or two. You can also use this method of organization to take note of what colors you’d like to see more of in your wardrobe. Use this as a guide for making new purchases, too.

Overall, you can quickly organize your closet for summer in just a couple of hours. The result is a clean, easy-to-manage wardrobe space that keeps you looking your best all season long.


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