How to Take a Cashmere Sweater from the Cabin to a Party

How to Take One Cashmere Sweater From the Cabin to a Cocktail Party

As the winter cold comes in and the nights get darker, it’s hard to not just curl up in a blanket and hibernate by a fire until spring. As nice as that sounds, we are expected at all those weekend cabin getaways and holiday cocktail parties. But when the temperature drops, we can cut ourselves some slack and be a little more relaxed about our wardrobe, like taking our favorite cashmere sweater from the cabin to a cocktail party. Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a few insider tips on the best way for you to do exactly this for the ultimate casual-chic winter outfit ensemble.

Slip on a Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is the obvious go-to for winter apparel. These extraordinarily versatile cashmere sweater styles are perfect for any alpine adventure, fireside snuggle, or holiday cocktail party. The extra length keeps your legs warm when you’re at the cabin and doubles as a dress when socializing. For extra warmth, pull on some leggings or jeggings and you’re good to go.


The next step is to accessorize. With an outfit so simple as a sweater dress with leggings, feel free to go a little wild with your choice of accessories. Now is the time to wear those cool tribal earrings your friend brought you back from Africa or that colorful beaded waist belt you bought last year at an artisan fair on a whim. Throw on that silk printed scarf, some bulky jewelry, or even some bangles. Everyone will be so enamored by your cool accessory choices that they won’t even notice you wore the same sweater from the cabin to the party.

Swap Snow Boots for Chic Boots

A different way to rock the same cashmere sweater from the cabin to the cocktail party is to swap out your big snow boots for those cute, chic booties. Pick a pair that has a thick heel for comfort, and choose a material like suede to match the season. If you’re going for a flat boot, explore wearing a high-top boot or a leather riding boot for a timeless classic style. Pair these boots with your favorite dark wash skinny jeans for an effortless yet stylish look. Even the cashmere sweater you wore for breakfast this morning will pair perfectly with this sleek classic look.

Trade in the Puffer Coat for a Wool Jacket

Everyone knows the functionality of puffer jackets come winter, but sometimes your choice of coat should be a little fancier to help dress up that one cashmere sweater. Either throw on your favorite blazer over your cashmere sweater for an immediate upgrade to your look or arrive at the cocktail party wearing a button-down wool jacket that accentuates your silhouette. Choose a fitted cut and a classic color to make your coat a part of your cocktail party attire.

From Flannel Pajamas to Sleek Wool Skirts

Everyone loves winter because it means we get to live in our flannel pajamas. Or at least, that’s what we wish we could do. Perhaps you spent your day lounging around the cabin in your flannels and cashmere sweater and it’s time to go next door for cocktail hour. Simply swap out those flannel pajamas for a sleek wool skirt. You can choose a fitted pencil skirt for a chic silhouette. Or go a little further and pick a knitted flowing maxi skirt for a very elegant and cozy look. Explore a knit midi skirt that hits right at your shins to give you ample opportunity to show off those gorgeous boots we mentioned.

Out With the Ski Outfit and In With the Cute Dress

You’ve been skiing all weekend with your favorite cashmere cardigan underneath your ski outfit. But now it’s Saturday night, and you’re off with your main squeeze to your best friend’s holiday cocktail party. You’re running late off the mountain, but don’t stress! Brush your hair, rub some serum on those chapped cheeks, and jump out of your ski outfit and into your new holiday dress. The best part of this outfit is you can keep on the same cashmere sweater to wear over your dress. Whether your cashmere sweater is an open cardigan or a form-fitting pullover, it’s going to look fabulous over your choice of dress.

Just when you thought you weren’t going to make it to that cocktail party because you were too cozy to take off that comfortable cashmere sweater, now you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to your wardrobe this winter.

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