Summer Activewear You Can Wear to the Office

Summer Activewear You Can Wear to the Office

Athleisure is having a real moment. In fact, “although the fashion industry struggled last year, it seems that activewear and athleisure brands flourished more than ever,” according to . After years of largely staying home, it seems many people are reaching for joggers over jeans and sports bras over their underwire alternative.

If you’re heading back to the office but don’t want to say goodbye to your more comfortable lifestyle, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to incorporate summer women’s activewear into your office wardrobe. Here’s how.

Black Leggings

Black leggings are the easiest activewear item to wear in the office. In an article for, author Shannon Cooper stated that “for the most part, wearing leggings to work is becoming increasingly common.” Many people have been wearing leggings to work for years, pairing them with bottom-covering tunics or cute blazers. The key to ensuring your leggings stay business-friendly is ensuring the top you’re wearing covers your bottom.

And wearing leggings to work has serious perks: there’s no defined waistband poking into your stomach, and you’re not fidgeting around in an uncomfortable skirt for eight, seemingly endless, hours. Plus, if you’re heading out to the gym after work, you can just slip on a different top and get your workout started.

Workout Tops

Try wearing a workout top under a blazer or one of your favorite women’s cardigans for a more casual, yet still business-friendly outfit. When planning this outfit, go for a fitted workout top (which instantly looks more pulled-together than a baggy workout tee) or a high-neck racerback option that doesn’t show too much skin. Next, tuck your top into a pencil skirt or high-waisted dress pants, and you’ll be set for a productive day at work. Plus, you’ll probably even have people asking you where you got that cute, comfy top.

Workout Skort

Workout skorts evolved from tennis skirts and tennis skorts, which are “an athletic skirt made out of breathable, lightweight materials to maximize a tennis player’s comfort and flexibility on the tennis court,” according to


The article notes that tennis skirts and skorts are “practical athleticwear” but can also be worn to create a sporty, preppy, or retro outfit look. In other words, a workout skort can be worn to your office when you’re hoping to find yourself a comfortable, cute outfit that may even trick the eye (no one has to know it’s a workout skort!). When shopping for this look, be sure to pick out a longer skort (some workout skorts are quite short and may be considered inappropriate for a work setting).

Once you have a practical workout skort selected, pair it with one of your white women’s T-shirts, a hip-length cardigan, and a pair of mules. The stretchy nature of a workout skort will mean you’re feeling as comfortable as can be while you sit through meetings and catch up with coworkers. Plus, most people won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing a skirt that doubles as a weekend tennis outfit.


Sneakers may not be what you first think of when you think of office-friendly shoes. But, sneakers can be an activewear item you can wear to work. How? Well, save your sneakers for dress-down days, primarily (unless you work in a very casual office).

For example, if your office lets you wear jeans on Fridays, you can easily get away with pairing your women’s jeans with your go-to sneakers—just make sure they aren’t too tattered. You don’t want to be walking around in a pair of sneakers that look like they came right off the hiking trail. Anything tattered is never a good choice for an office, whether it’s activewear or a suit.

Tip: Don’t Forget Jewelry

Jewelry instantly dresses any outfit up, including an outfit that consists of your summer activewear staples. When incorporating casual workout clothes into your work outfit, be sure to wear some jewelry, too. If you’re wearing a pair of leggings and a blazer, try a pair of bold earrings. If you’re wearing a high-neck workout top, wear a dainty necklace to dress up that casual top.

Just because you’re back in an office doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck wearing uncomfortable business clothes. You can easily incorporate some activewear into your work wardrobe with just some simple planning and flattering workout gear.


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