Five Best Gifts for New Moms in 2023

Five Best Gifts for New Moms in 2023

Becoming a new mom is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. There’s so much to think about and so much to look forward to. New moms need a variety of things to build a happy, healthy family. When it comes to choosing the best gifts for new moms, you’ll want to think hard about your mom-to-be and choose a gift that best fits her needs and personality. Sometimes the best gifts are a treat just for mom. Here are a few of our favorite things to gift to new mommas.

Clothing for Older Kids

One of the most common gifts new moms receive is infant clothes. Of course, that’s great, but it often means there are so many clothes that the kid will outgrow those outfits before they get worn twice. If you do opt for kids' clothing, consider getting an outfit that’s bigger—suited for one-year-plus or even older. Skip the infant onesies and get a functional gift that will give for years to come, such as a pair of toddler boots or other clothing items suited for larger kids. This gives new moms a break when their kid has outgrown all of those cute baby shower socks and hats. She can put it away and not have to worry about kids' clothes in the future.

Playtime with Friends

One of the biggest fears for new moms is the isolation that can come with a major lifestyle change. Why not give the gift of mobility with playtime accessories that let your new mom stay social? Pack-and-plays, baby hiking carriers, and mobile toys are all amazing gifts for new moms. That way, when she feels a little lonely, she can enjoy a grown-up play date and not have to worry about entertaining her little one non-stop. Choose toys and playsets that are compact, easy to assemble, and simple to clean. Silicone toys and lightweight playsets with a little bit of fencing and padding keep kids cozy and occupied while you both catch up on the latest news.

Plan a Surprise Day Off

When it comes to giving gifts to new moms, sometimes it’s best to make it all about her. Instead of piling on the baby gear, plan a special day for momma when she can have everything she wants. Consider arranging a spa day complete with her favorite women’s loungewear, a robe, and a few new towel sets. Give her a gift card to a spa so she can treat herself to some pampering. Follow it up with a trip to her favorite restaurant for a stress-free day she’ll love. Or plan an activity she really enjoys and head out together sans baby. Keeping your sense of self and identity is essential as a new mom, so book in some time for her with an all-inclusive goodie bag to get her excited about the pampering to come.

Give Her the Gift of Convenience

Convenience is an exceptionally important aspect of new motherhood. She’s learning a new routine, has to juggle a completely new set of responsibilities, and still needs to make time for herself. Think about ways you can help her live a more convenient life. Maybe it’s paying for someone to clean the house once a month, signing her up for a delivery laundry service, or giving her home gym a makeover.

Think about unique and creative ways to add some efficiency into her life so she can still have the free time to enjoy a little bit of R-and-R. Small things add up. Even just offering to come over and help with gardening, childcare, laundry, or whatever can go a long way to treating a new mom. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. Offer up your free time or just ask what would really help to take some stress off of her plate.

Capture the Memories

New moms are thrilled to show off their newest addition. Give the gift of memories with tech or a planned getaway as a family. Perhaps it’s a fun-filled day at the zoo or maybe a digital picture frame where she can keep all of her favorite memories (or both). For a planned day out, take care of all the details, so all she has to do is show up. Even pick up a cute new outfit, like this season’s hottest T-shirt dresses. Snag her a new point-and-shoot camera or get her a new phone with an amazing camera so she can share all of the baby pics! Keep it cute and fun. Combining a family day out with a few handy gadgets to capture the moment is a loving gift for new moms that keeps on giving.

The right gift for the new momma on your list is all about choosing something that’s personalized and special for her. Choose something thoughtful that will get long-term use. A gift that makes a new mom’s life easier is a great way to give a lasting gift. If you don’t know, never be shy to just ask! You might get a spark of inspiration you hadn't thought of before.


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