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You’ll never want to get out of bed with these cozy men’s PJs

In the broadest sense of their definition, pajamas are the articles of clothing that you wear to bed. Their core function is to keep you feeling warm and comfortable when you’ve settled in for the night. But depending on just how effective said pajamas are at keeping you warm and comfortable, you may never want to get out of bed again once you’ve climbed in wearing them.

Yes, this may be a danger–breakfast might end up being skipped, your workday may begin fifteen minutes late–but we believe it’s a danger you’ll be willing to accept, once you experience just how cozy the following men’s pajamas are.

Flannel pajama sets

Any discussion regarding cozy men’s pajamas has to touch on flannel. And it’s not hard to see why: flannel pajama pants and shirts that are made from ringspun cotton and brushed on both sides are hard to beat in terms of warmth and comfort.

It’s the double brushing process that makes flannel such an effective insulator. Brushing raises some of the fabric’s fibers, which increases the ability of the fibers to trap and retain heat. Aside from trapping heat, those raised fibers also give flannel the raised texture and soft hand-feel that it is best known for.

The surest way to double-down on these comforting features is to wear men’s flannel pajamas as a full set, with pants and a shirt. However, the pants and shirt can easily be worn on their own for nights that don’t call for both. You can still enjoy the warmth and comfort of flannel by pairing the pants with a simple cotton t-shirt or the shirt with a pair of pajama shorts.

Broadcloth pajama sets

Like the flannel example cited above, broadcloth is also made from cotton. But it is made from plain-woven cotton yarns, which gives it a smoother, finer quality that’s far removed from the brushed, texture-rich character of flannel.

Men’s broadcloth pajama sets are certainly cozy, but in a different way than flannel. Rather than trapping heat, the fine quality of broadcloth allows the cloth to be more breathable. This aspect, combined with the lighter weight of broadcloth, makes it a fabric well suited to warmer nights that still call for pajamas. You can wear them and enjoy their comfort while feeling confident that you won’t risk being overheated. Broadcloth pajama sets are also easily broken up. Because they’re better suited to slightly warmer temperatures, it can be a practical option to wear a broadcloth shirt or a pair of broadcloth pajama pants on their own for less-chilled nights.

Knit jersey pajama pants or shorts

Even if you don’t immediately recognize it by the name, you’re certainly familiar with knit jersey cotton. Knit jersey cotton is a common, hard-working fabric that’s most typically found in men’s sweatpants and men’s sweatshirts.

Naturally, their soft quality makes them well suited for wear as pajama pants or shorts. You can think of it as wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants to bed. What makes them different from the aforementioned favorite sweatpants is that men’s knit jersey pajama pants are typically made in a lighter weight, which increases their comfort factor and versatility.

Speaking of versatility, you’ll discover that there are many opportunities for wearing knit jersey pajama pants or shorts outside of bed. You may find them to be the perfect choice for pre-bedtime wear on the couch as you stream a show or tuck into a good book. And if your next day doesn’t require getting an early start or being somewhere on time, you’ll enjoy wearing them around the house as you take advantage of the rare lazy morning.

Robe and slippers

While you probably won’t want to get out of bed while wearing any of these cozy pajama options, inevitably, your alarm clock will ring, and you’ll need to get up. When that happens, make sure you’re comfortable with a cozy robe and slippers.

Turkish terry, fleece, or cotton are all excellent options when it comes to selecting a robe. They’ll make getting out of bed a little easier by keeping you comfortable and warm. You’ll also be able to walk outside to take in the morning with your cup of coffee without the neighbors seeing your pajamas. Make sure your feet are also comfy with a pair of cozy slippers. You can even add a monogram, to your slippers, so you can tell them apart from other family members’ pairs.


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