Must-Have Sweaters for Date Night

Must-Have Sweaters for Date Night

An essential item in any women’s wardrobe is a date night sweater and not just one date night sweater, but multiple. There are many sweaters that fit different date night vibes and seasons, but they’re all equally as ideal for a night out with your partner. Sweaters are as good for a first date outfit as they are for a third date outfit or a three-year anniversary look.

They can be worn with nearly anything — with skirts, jeans, leggings, and even over dresses. Their versatility makes them ideal for date night option, whether you’re going out to a fancy meal or having a casual night in with delivery dinner.

For an Outdoor Date

If your date night is taking place outdoors, you’ll want to make sure you’re bundled up and ready for whatever cold weather or gusty breezes that nature brings. A cashmere turtleneck is a great sweater option for a date that’s taking place outdoors. Why? Our two-ply cashmere helps capture the natural warmth that your body lets out, thus, keeping you warm and cozy on a cold day. As an added bonus, cashmere is soft to the touch, too.

Plus, cashmere is always chic, making it a great option for a date.

For a Fancy Date

When tucked into a statement midi-length skirt, cardigans are ideal for a fancier date night. This look is particularly nice when a black cardigan, that ends at about your hip length, is buttoned all the way up and worn with a skirt in a bold color like maroon or in a print like leopard print or polka dot. As a finishing touch, wear this outfit with a pair of dangly or hoop earrings and flats.

This versatile fancy date night outfit can be worn anywhere — to theater performances, to dinner, to a party, or wherever you please.

For an At-Home Date

If your plan for the night is takeout pizza and the latest episode of your favorite show, you don’t need to dress up as much as you would for a special dinner, but it’s still nice to look and feel your best. For a date spent on the couch watching TV, pick out a sweater that is comfortable and casual — like a fleece sweater. You can wear it with a pair of leggings and your go-to slippers for an easy, casual, and cute at-home look. A sweater date outfit doesn’t only have to be for dates that take place at restaurants, theaters, or in town, they can be ideal for a night at home, too.

For a Casual Date

We all have go-to sweaters that we reach for to wear to a leisurely brunch, a neighbor’s birthday party, or simply as an added layer. These are the classic sweaters — in shapes like crewneck and V-neck — that can be worn with almost anything and look great with a pair of classic jeans. Get yourself a crewneck sweater, if you don’t have one already, to wear to your casual date. Our crewnecks come in sizes for all different body shapes — petite crewneck sweaters and tall crewneck sweaters are both available in a range of styles or colors.

For a casual date to your favorite sports bar, opt for a crewneck sweater in a striped pattern — better yet if the stripes are in the colors of your favorite team. For a date to a neighborhood festival, try on a crewneck sweater in a solid color and wear it with a pair of leather boots and skinny jeans.

For a Double Date

If you have plans to go on a casual double date, wear a pair of leggings, fashion sneakers, a tank top, and a long open-front cardigan. This outfit will look cool, casual yet stylish, and will be super comfortable for any of the double date activities on your agenda. Bowling? You’ll be all set to win the game. Checking out the newest superhero movie? You’ll be comfy enough to cozy up with your partner and some popcorn.

For a dressier double date, a sweater dress can do the trick. It’s dressier than a sweater alternative but is just as warm and cozy. Wear a sweater dress, some knee-high leather boots and a long necklace for a look that will have your friends asking “where did you get that?”

All in all, whatever sweater you choose for your date-night outfit, make sure it’s comfortable and fits your fashion taste. Your partner loves you for you and is sure to love any outfit you put on, especially if it’s something in which you feel comfortable and confident.


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