Must-Have Men's Outfits for a First Date

Must-Have Men's Outfits for a First Date

So there's this girl... She's gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, funny, kind, everything you want. You have started conversations, showed your interest, gotten to know her a little, and you already know you want to know her better. You have worked for weeks to get up the courage to ask her out. And she said yes!

Now what?

Hopefully, you had something in mind when you asked her out. An activity to do together or someplace to go, like a local coffee shop, a bar, or a restaurant. It should be a place you are comfortable with AND a place you believe she would enjoy. You want to be yourself, but you also want to give her the best experience you can. And part of that is making a good first impression. So, what outfit will show her you are the right guy?

Some Things to Consider:

Where You Are Going

While you want to look good, it still has to match the atmosphere of where you are taking your girl. Tuxes don't belong in bars, and athletic wear is out of place at a fancy restaurant. If you are unsure, visit the place or do the activity in question before your date. If you can go at the same time and on the same day you are planning on taking her, that would be optimal. That will give you the best idea of how the setting will probably be. See what other people are wearing and compare it with your wardrobe. This should at least give you options to choose from.

Her Style

You want to create as much common ground as possible, and doing that can start with how you look. Now, you shouldn't have to make any huge changes. Since you are attracted to each other, your styles are probably already somewhat similar. Still, your closet doesn't just have one look. Think about how she dresses or comments that she may have made before about certain outfits, then choose the one that gives you the most confidence.

Cleanliness and Dressing With Intention

This is not the time to skip the shower or throw on any old thing. You already care what she thinks. Part of showing her that you care is taking care of yourself. Make sure you have showered, that your teeth are brushed, facial hair groomed, hair styled, deodorant applied, and that you have mouthwash at the ready. Choose your outfit with care and make sure it fits you well. Choose colors that work with your skin tone. If you don't know what that means, choose neutrals: darker for evening, lighter for daytime. Wearing well-fitting clothes in colors that make you look good shows you know how to present yourself in the best light and that you care enough about her opinion of you to make that effort.

Date Outfit Ideas - Casual to Formal:


When you have an active lady on your hands, you want to take her somewhere exciting. An outdoor activity like hiking or biking will require your best workout outfit. Your t-shirt should fit snugly and be long enough to cover the top of your pants. The sleeves should hit your mid-bicep. Crew neck or high v-neck is highly recommended for keeping things classy. Shorts and activewear shoes complete your outfit. If it's a chilly spring day, throw a jacket in the back if it gets cold (or if she gets cold).

Casual Event

This could be anything from a concert in the park to a day trip to a local museum. Here, nice jeans or chinos with a leather jacket or a bomber over a white t-shirt could be a good move. If things are too warm for your thicker jacket, an open flannel shirt is a great choice, with the additional option of a denim jacket over the top for cooler temperatures. Regardless, you want layers that can be taken off for two reasons. Either you will get too hot, or (again) she will get too cold. In both scenarios, you want to be prepared.

Coffee Date

This can be a casual date. Or it could be an opportunity to step up your look, even if it's a small step. Try a collared shirt with nice jeans or a long-sleeved crew neck with corduroys. If the date is happening during the day, lighter colors or neutrals are best. If it is a nighttime meet-up, darker colors and neutrals are better. If you can, get there early and pick a quiet corner to set the mood to be as intimate as possible.

Bar Date

This date depends on the bar. You could go with the Casual Event look or the Coffee Date look. Both can work at the bar; just make sure to dress in darker evening colors since bar dates tend to happen after work. Also, bars might have dancing, so make sure you can move freely in whatever you choose to wear.

Restaurant Date

This is probably the most formal date you are likely to take a girl on if it is your first time going out. This is a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, so now is the time to break out the trousers and that blazer. A tie might be overkill, but if you have never worn a watch, this would be a great time to do so. A watch is one of the few accessories men wear, so make sure it's a nice one. Strap on your watch, iron out those wrinkles, and you are ready to go!

Now that you have some ideas, see what works best for you! Figure out which outfit makes you stand up a little straighter, smile a little more confidently. Ultimately, she said yes to you, so let your outfit showcase the awesome "Mr. Right" that you are.


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