Must-Have Kids' Jackets for This Winter

5 Jackets Your Kid Needs This Winter

Keeping warm this winter season is easier said than done, especially when playtime outdoors requires a serious extra layer. Whether your little one is bundling up for a snow day or commuting to school in chilly weather, kids' winter coats and jackets are a must-have closet staple for colder climates. We've compiled a list of five winter jackets your kid needs this winter, with everything from body-warming puffer vests to the warmest parkas and winter coats.

1. Fleece Jackets for Kids

Ah, the favorite, versatile boys' and girls' fleece jacket! This simple, lightweight but ever-so-warm layer is the ultimate for comfort and flexibility. Kids love fleece jackets because they're light, fuzzy and extremely warm over sweaters and long sleeves. Wear a fleece jacket under a larger winter coat, and you'll have a warm protective layer when transitioning from indoors to outdoors. Additionally, fleece jackets are saviors when it comes to quick commutes or moderate temperatures; however, you'll always have the ability to layer them under puffer coats and pair them with kids' gloves and scarves. The wide range of colors and prints is another perk, making winter weather a prime opportunity for a fashion statement.

2. Vests for Layering Fun

Vests come in all different fabrics and thicknesses, making them the perfect addition to an adventurous kid's winter wardrobe. Covering the body, vests lock warmth in but allow for easy movement of the arms, a plus for kids who enjoy playtime or outdoor sports. Depending on the climate, pair a puffer or fleece vest with a kids' long-sleeve flannel or sweater for flexible warmth in moderate temperatures. This look is a go-to for any kid who loves outdoor fun but doesn't want a bulky jacket. Add a winter coat for more severe temperatures, and you have the perfect combination for transitioning from outside fun to indoor heating.

3. Insulated Lightweight Jackets for Kids

Let's face it, traveling with kids wearing bulky winter coats can be extremely difficult, especially in subzero temperatures. Insulated lightweight jackets for kids are the best option for activities in freezing temperatures. Your kid is guaranteed to stay warm with Lands' End's insulated down and down-alternative lightweight jackets that are lined and designed to ensure filling stays fluffy and functioning. These jackets are also ultra-durable with a waterproof shell that can sustain most of the elements from cold temperatures to rainy days. When playtime gets a little dirty, throw this jacket in the wash – it'll puff right back up without the tennis ball trick.

4. Waterproof Rain Jackets for Rainy Days

Unfortunately, we don't get to hit pause every time rain clouds appear. Whether your kid needs a waterproof rain jacket for quick commutes to and from the bus stop during unexpected showers or just likes to jump in puddles on rainy days, there are waterproof options for every kind of play date. Kids' rain jackets come in all different fabrics, thicknesses and insulations, depending on the climate. Choose from a lightweight rain jacket to shield from wet weather, or an insulated waterproof winter jacket for protection from more extreme temperatures. Look for a kids' rain jacket that's also windproof to withstand more severe storms and drafts.

5. Puffer Coats & Insulated Jackets for Extra Cold Days

Does winter weather have your kid chilled to the bone? Not in these warm winter coats for kids! Puffer coats, parkas for girls and insulated jackets are the ultimate asset in outerwear during the winter season. Protect your kid in the warmest winter jackets with down and down-alternative insulation packed inside a shell that blocks wind, rain and snow! Better yet, most of Lands' End's puffer coats and insulated jackets are made from PrimaLoft® Insulation ThermoPlume®, meaning you can wash these fluffy jackets on repeat and they will never lose their loft and warmth. Durable, worry-free outerwear. Go ahead, let them enjoy their snow day.


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