3 Must-Have Items For a Cozy Winter Season

3 Must-Have Items For a Cozy Winter Season

Winter is underrated. We all know the pains that come along with it — the cold, short days, dry air — but we don't do enough to sing its praises. When winter comes, we get beautiful clear skies, chances to play exhilarating snow games, and all the permission in the world to snuggle down and get cozy.

Let's redefine winter as one of the most wonderful seasons. If you enter into these months prepared with the right outerwear, the whole family gets to enjoy the splendor of snowshoeing and ice skating, snowball fights, and snowball forts. Once you get inside from all that frolicking, you'll want to get as warm and cuddly as possible. So break out the hot chocolate, crank up the heat, and be sure you have these incredible items for your coziest winter ever.

Family Pajamas

For the best type of couch cuddles, get into the spirit of the season with a set of matching family pajamas. It might feel a little corny, but you're guaranteed to feel cozier than ever before when you’re all snuggled together. Your home team should work like a unit, especially in the winter when it can be hard to motivate. Make you matching PJs part of a ritual — like Matching Monday Movie Night or Family Finger Food Friday. Don't forget to take a photo of the whole family for the holiday cards!

Most people have their own pajama preferences, so keep that in mind as you shop for jammies for the family. While you definitely want some matching PJs, be sure to fill their drawers with everything from comfortable flannel pajamas to fuzzy robes. The warmer, the better.


Nobody likes the idea of cold feet. Once your feet get that winter chill, it's hard to warm up the rest of your body. Even in a house with the heat on high, if you have stone or wood floors, you might still be battling icy toes. And with everyone moving around less and physical activity waning while we wait for warmer months, our bodies have to work extra hard to warm every inch of us.

Slippers are the ultimate must-have in any home, for every person in the house. With styles for parents and kids, slippers are the unsung snuggle heroes for a cozy winter season. They're staples that look and feel more like luxury. Every time you slip on your slippers, you should get that warm glow of satisfaction from treating yourself to something so extremely worth it. You'll wear them every day, all season long, and chances are so will the rest of the family. With all sorts of patterns and designs, and styles from clogs to moccasins, backless to boots, you can find slippers that everyone will love. Don't wait to gift them for the holidays — instead, surprise everyone with a cozy "welcome to winter" present to lift everyone's spirit and prepare them for the months ahead.

Throw Blankets

When you're ready for some cozy cuddles on the couch, grab a throw blanket you love and tuck in. Whether you're snuggling up with the kids or your favorite book, a throw blanket is easily one of the most important items for winter comfort. You can lock out any whispers of cool air, wrap your toes up once they leave your slippers, or cover your shoulders so it feels like you're getting the warmest hug. Speaking of warmth — if your family runs cold or you keep the thermostat low, grab an electric warming blanket (or two) that you can all enjoy.

The type of throw blanket you choose is entirely up to your aesthetic and material preferences, but we suggest getting more than one so no winter wars are fought over who gets to cozy up first. From laid back to luxe, you can find throw blankets in cotton, fleece, chenille, or faux fur, velvet, and more. We suggest easy-clean fabrics like cotton or fleece for the living room, where they'll get the most wear. For the bedroom, get extra bundled under a weighted throw blanket. If you've never tried one, you'll be blown away by the deepest, coziest sleep you've ever had.

There are so many ways to stay cozy all winter long, but these items are absolute must-haves. Check in with your family to see if they have any suggestions for color and style, or surprise them with Welcome to Winter gifts. The most important thing is to be sure you make time during the week to get cozy together. In the end, you'll remember how good you felt spending quality time getting cozy and bundled, and the cold will be a distant memory.


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