7 Casual Fashion Ideas for Working at Home

7 Casual Fashion Ideas for Working at Home

Working remotely means you have the choice to wear comfortable clothing that you love. A few hacks can help you look great for any remote meetings, and choosing styles that still have a work-ready feel will keep you feeling confident and productive no matter where your work gets done. Discover the best work outfit ideas for remote jobs that help you stay productive. Here are a few cute outfits to wear to work, even if work means your dining room table.

Tunics and Leggings

If there’s a perfect work-at-home outfit, it just might be the combination of cute tunic tops paired with leggings. Leggings are cute and comfortable, letting you move with ease. You can get up, stretch, or walk around the house or neighborhood without having to change. Tunic tops come in a wide range of styles, from sweaters perfect for cooler days to lightweight tunic blouses that are a great match for the warmer spring temperatures. 

Khaki Pants and Polo Shirts

If you want to feel like you are in business mode, khaki pants or tan chinos paired with your favorite women's polo shirts could fit the bill. These comfortable yet smart-looking business casual staples are a great option to put you mentally into work. Since you are already likely to have these in your closet, it can help you easily grab a great outfit, stay in your routine, and get ready for your workday. 

Stretch Denim Jeans and Cute T-Shirt

If you normally swap your work outfit for a pair of denim jeans and a tee when you get home from work, you just got lucky. These favorite weekend-warrior staples can be perfectly appropriate for working at home. Denim styles with a bit of stretch will be the most comfortable for working at home. Since they are a step up from workout wear, you’ll still feel put-together and ready to work, but you’ll still feel comfortable dealing with long hours of being at a desk, on your laptop, or phone. Choose a short or long-sleeved tee in one of your favorite colors to boost your mood and get you ready for work. 

Simple Day Dresses

A dress can be a smart, stylish look, but also be comfortable enough for remote work. For the best option, choose a style that is made from a comfortable fabric, like knit dresses, cotton blend, or lightweight synthetic fabric. You’ll also want to choose dresses that are non-restrictive in their design, like shift or loose sheath styles, a-line dresses that have a bit of stretch, slightly loose-fitting cotton sundresses, t-shirt dresses, or maxi dresses. You can pair other items, like tank tops or fitted tees, under your dress for a cute extra layer, or add lightweight sweaters if you get a chill. 

Matching Joggers and Hoodie

When working at home, more relaxed outfits can be acceptable. A fun choice is a comfortable pair of joggers and a matching or complementary hoodie. A tank or tee in a coordinating color is a good choice to wear underneath. Even though this is a much more casual look, you can feel work-ready by making sure to choose styles that fit well without being too oversized. That way it will feel more like a work outfit even though it is very casual. 

Cropped Pants and Button-Up Blouse

Women's cropped pants are cool, comfortable, and can be great for remote workers. These work beautifully with a lightweight button-up blouse in your favorite color. For more comfort and versatility, wear a matching sleeveless top under the button-up so you can take off your extra layer if you get too hot. 

Shorts With Long-Sleeved Top

Since indoor temperatures can fluctuate, it can be hard to decide what to wear. A pair of comfortable shorts like women's Bermuda shorts or sport knit styles can be a great remote work choice. Since sitting still in front of a computer screen or on the phone lines can leave you less active, you may get chilled. That’s why a long-sleeved tee, casual button-up top, floaty blouse, or lightweight sweater can be a great option for remote work. 

Dressing for Remote Meetings or Virtual Conferences

Keep in mind that working at home may come with remote meetings or conferences that require you to look your best, even if you’re at home. It’s simple to put together a polished look in many outfits with minimal effort with these tips: 

Perfect Remote Outfit Option

Working from home has lots of advantages, including the benefit of being able to wear comfortable, casual clothes. The one that's best for you ultimately needs to give you a finished feeling so that you can focus on your tasks and get through the day. Whatever that means for you, make sure to honor your craving for casual wear — feeling free and unconstricted by your clothing will help your productivity and keep you smiling throughout the day.


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