Going to the Beach for Christmas Break? Pack These 4 Must-Have Beach Outfits

Going to the Beach for Christmas Break? Pack These 4 Must-Have Beach Outfits

You are going to the beach for Christmas break. Yay, you! What a wonderful way to treat yourself to some much-deserved sun and fun. Make your trip even better by having some great go-to outfits ready to pull out of your bag and throw on as you head out onto the sand.

First, the Fabrics

Take it easy and look great by choosing the right fabrics. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen will breathe and keep you feeling fresh and cool. If you want to stay perpetually wrinkle-free, however, consider synthetics. Even if you bring along your favorite women’s linen shirt, consider stashing at least one synthetic outfit that you can pull out and put on knowing it will look like you just took it off of a wooden hanger in your closet. For a little insurance, bring along an instant fabric softener, the kind that you can spritz on, reshape your garment, and then go. It can be a lifesaver.

Swimsuit and Beach Coverup

This one is a natural. Is there anything better than soaking up some sun, feeling the sand between your toes, and listening to the waves in a swimsuit and beach coverup? Pro tip—it’s always a good idea to bring two swimsuits on a beach vacation. That way, while one is drying in the hotel, you will have another one ready to go. For a beach coverup, a good choice is a neutral color that will go with different swimsuits. Always go for comfort with beach coverups. If there was ever a leisure garment, this is it, so keep the fabric and the cut as comfy as possible. After all, a vacation is your time. Enjoy it!

White Capri Pants and T-Shirt with Sandals

A pair of white capri pants can take you from the plane to the beach and out to dinner. They are like the little black dress of the beach. You just can’t go wrong with them. Choose a cut that is comfortable—not too tight and not too baggy, and pair them with your favorite T-shirt or blouse for an instant outfit. You can also dress capri pants up or down depending upon the top that you choose and how casual or dressy the sandals are that you wear with them.

Women’s Shorts and Shirt with Sandals

Make sure to pack a pair or two of shorts in neutral colors (white, beige, and black are all good choices) and then pair them with a tank top or T-shirt for both comfort and style. When you choose your shorts, try them out in a full-length mirror. Move around in them to ensure that they will be comfortable, and you will feel confidently covered. Touch your toes, reach up high, and see where the hem lands as you move. You want to be carefree while you’re on vacation, not worrying about your clothes. Both solid-colored T-shirts and prints can be fun with neutral-colored shorts. Shorts with pockets can be super practical. They can stash keys, your phone, or your sunglasses if clouds appear.

If you anticipate walking far at all, make sure to bring sandals or walking shoes that are up to the job. If you opt for a cute new pair of sandals, practice walking in them in advance to make sure that they will go with your feet as well as your outfit. New sandals can be kind of like a pair of new heels—they may look great, but not all shoes are true walking shoes. Always throw a pair of your favorite sneakers in your luggage to “balance out” for any “non-walking” shoes.

Casual Dress with Sandals or Sneakers

Don’t you just love a good beach dress? The best ones are designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and come in your favorite colors. Just like any other dress, don’t leave the fit to chance. If you are shopping online, double-check that the measurements of the dress will fit the measurements of your current curves. A casual dress should skim the body to create an elegant silhouette. And it should make you feel great, too! Think soft fabrics and colors or designs that you might not wear when you’re not on vacation. Maybe a long hot pink number or a bold print would be fun. Keep in mind that sneakers aren’t just for shorts these days. They can complement a casual dress, come in fun colors, and make a day’s shopping trip or an evening out more comfortable.

Whatever outfit you choose to wear on your beach vacation, make sure that it is easy to pack, easy to wear, and fits your individual style. Remember, a beach vacation is all about relaxing—and you deserve it!


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