Things You Should Not Wear to a Music Festival and Things You Should Wear Instead

Things You Should Not Wear to a Music Festival and Things You Should Wear Instead

Music festivals are a magical time! Festivals have something for everyone—from seeing your favorite bands and artists to making new friends and connections and everything in between. Whether you’re heading to a one-day event or a weekend-long campout fest, planning ahead is key to stay safe, comfortable, and cool. For any musical event this year, choose your outfits and supplies ahead of time to be prepared no matter what comes up. These outfit ideas will help you choose what not to wear—and give you alternatives instead. Here are things you should not wear to a music festival and what you should wear instead!

Don’t Wear: High Heels or Uncomfortable Shoes

First and foremost, musical festivals typically require a lot of movement. Whether it’s walking around to buy food, drinks, art, or merchandise, dancing to your favorite bands’ performances, or standing up for long periods of time to save spots in the crowd, you’ll probably be on your feet all day long. Since you’re gotta stay active and moving, don’t wear uncomfortable shoes or high heels! Stay as mobile as you can with footwear that promotes comfort and long-term wearability.

Wear Instead: Sneakers

Instead of fancy footwear like high heels or dress shoes, you’ll want to wear shoes that are supportive, comfortable, and easily worn for long periods of time. Sneakers or tennis shoes are the best choice for this. If you’re heading to a summer music festival, it doesn’t really make sense to wear snow boots or other special footwear. Just keep it simple with shoes that are comfortable and reliable. Even if you look great in your fancy shoes, you won’t be able to make the most of your experience. Instead, stick with sneakers or flats that are cute and comfy. Your body will thank you at the end of a long, hot day of fun.

Don’t Wear: Cocktail Dresses

You look your best in fun and fancy cocktail dresses for other special occasions, but music festivals are not the time to look your best! Music festivals are about experiencing everything going on around you, from music and art to food, dancing, and celebrating. While cocktail dresses are great for occasions you want to put a little extra fancy flare in your outfit, they won’t work for a music fest. From dancing and moshing to stage diving and crowd surfing, you never know where the night might take you, so dress for easy, comfy mobility.

Wear Instead: Jeans and a Rock Tee

A classic outfit staple you can’t go wrong with at any concert goes together like rock and roll! Light wash jeans and a graphic t-shirt is an amazing pairing that will keep you cute and comfortable throughout your entire concert or festival. Not only will you look great and ready for the music, but you’ll be safe and snug to enjoy everything. Go for a music tee for an extra relevant choice! Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of the artists on the stage! You’ll fit right into the crowd and be comfortable no matter what.

Don’t Wear: A Big, Bulky Coat

Even if it’s cold outside, wearing a big, bulky coat to a concert or music festival isn’t the best plan. Once you arrive at the event, you’ll have to hold onto your coat for the entirety of the day and night! This means keeping it in your hands, on your person, or wearing it all night. With a big, bulky coat in your arms, how will you dance and enjoy the music? Leave your warmest puffer coat at home and instead wear something that’s easier, like light layers.

Wear Instead: Light Layers

Music festivals often start early in the morning or day and last into the night. Want to stay cool and comfortable at your music festival, no matter what? Light layers are the perfect choice when you aren’t sure how the weather or temperatures will be. If you get to the venue and are packed into a dense crowd, you probably won’t need a big jacket with all the movement and body heat. Instead, wear light layers, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, cotton cardigans, or whatever else you have that is soft, comfortable, and wearable. With multiple layers working together, you’ll be able to maintain your temperature comfortably and take off a little at a time if necessary. Whether you end up hot or cold at the festival, you can layer up or down to stay comfortable all day and all night!

No matter what kind of music festival you’re headed to, planning your outfits ahead of time will help you stay comfortable for the whole event! Wear clothes that are comfy, soft, and practical so you can focus on the music and not on your outfit. This year, have your best time ever by dressing for success. Staying comfortable will be music to your ears.


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