Mother's Day Home Accessories She'll Appreciate

Mother's Day Home Accessories She'll Appreciate

Mother’s Day gifts—they’re wonderful to give but can be a bit tricky to pick out. Looking for something a little different this year? Let’s look at some ideas for home accessories she’ll appreciate.

Bathroom Décor

Why not pamper her with updates to her bathroom? Perhaps something soft and cozy? Usually, we think of things like winter sweaters or blankets for this, but there are spring and summer options, too. Is your mom the practical sort who isn’t good about buying gifts for herself? Does she like to “use things up”? Maybe she could use a new set of thick and high-absorbency bath towels. It’s amazing how our towels can age without us even noticing. When you compare those “okay” towels to a new set, it can be almost like going to a spa. And if she likes to use things up, the old towels will be great for anything from washing the dog to “emergency towels” for muddy clean-ups or spills.

Accessories that are easy to add to bath towels include loofah sponges, soaps, soap dishes, and candles. With a few well-chosen items, you can transform a utilitarian bathroom into a sanctuary for self-care.

Bedroom Décor

When was the last time she updated her comforter or duvet cover? A fresh new white one or perhaps a floral design can be like a mini bedroom makeover. Consider a new set of coordinating bed sheets to complete the look.

Does she already love the bedding that she has, but could use a little pick-me-up? What about adding some greenery to her bedroom? If the room gets enough natural light, a new plant or pot of flowers can be a lovely reminder of your love for her and the beauty of the season. If she's more of an “indoor girl," consider a lovely silk arrangement. It will brighten her bedroom with none of the maintenance or possible allergies.

Living Room Décor

Why not add some fun floral throw pillows to her sofa or chairs? A bit more color can be a treat for the eyes, and the pillows will keep her comfy.

If she's up for some organizing, consider getting her some seagrass baskets. What’s that saying? “When it’s sitting out, it’s clutter. When it’s in a pretty basket, it’s décor.” Maybe you could turn it into a fun project where you do something like sort through family photographs together and label them or rearrange some of her favorite things so she can display them in a new way. If she can use a hand, you can include a little spring cleaning as part of your gift to her.

If she has family photos throughout the house, offer to help her create a gallery wall where she can show off all those loved ones and enjoy looking at them in one place. If you opt for this gift, make sure to respect her taste in furnishings by choosing photo frames that she'll like. Maybe take her out to lunch and then go shopping for the frames as well as choose what photos to include in the gallery wall together.

Kitchen Décor

Maybe your mom loves certain colors or collects things that she loves to display, but kitchen décor can have all kinds of possibilities. Could she use some casual cloth napkins and placemats in pretty colors? How about some fresh flowers to put on the table or kitchen island?

Maybe try something entirely different like buy her a new kitchen appliance and make a meal together. Does she own an air fryer? Lots of people love them and they are one of the most versatile kitchen tools out there.

If you have favorite family recipes, you could gather them together in a family cookbook and give them to her as a gift. If she has recipes that you would love to have together in a collection for yourself, why not make it an afternoon project and make one for each of you? Recipes in the original handwriting of the cook can be precious in future years.

Porch and Deck Décor

Could she use a new welcome mat? Maybe something classic? Maybe something silly? How about a pretty wreath for her front door or some new plants to welcome guests? Does she enjoy sitting on her porch, balcony, or deck? What about outdoor furniture? Perhaps a new chair or two would be just the ticket. Is your mom a gardener or bird watcher? Perhaps some new gardening tools or a new bird feeder would be fun. Windchimes can be lovely, and they'll remind her of you when a refreshing breeze arrives.

Whatever Mother’s Day home accessories you choose, if they’re given to her with love, she’s bound to appreciate them.


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