Best Mother-of-the-Groom Outfit Options

Best Mother-of-the-Groom Outfit Options

The wedding day is as special for the mother of the groom as it is for the happy couple. This is the day she’s thought about for years. It’s destined to be a poignant, beautiful, and emotional affair — and also fashionable! With the photographer and videographer out in full force, you’ll want to look your very best when your son ties the knot with his significant other. Why dress in anything but your very best?

Fortunately, from women’s dresses to formal suits, there are countless beautiful options to consider for this special day. While there are no specific rules, you should generally abide by a few general considerations when choosing your attire. What are the best options for this memorable moment that’s about to be captured for posterity and seen for years to come? No pressure there! Here are a few mother-of-the-groom outfit ideas you’re sure to love.

A Coordinated Maxi Dress

It may sound a little bit old-fashioned, but it may also matter quite a bit to your son and his spouse that things follow certain protocols. In that case, both sets of parents of the happy couple should do their best to abide by those preferences. If your son’s future spouse prefers that both moms wear dresses that coordinate with the wedding party or the wedding decor — or both — then that’s an easy enough request to accommodate. If so, consider a petite or tall maxi dress, depending on your height. Even if you’re under 5’2”, you can wear this lovely, versatile style. It’s perfect if the wedding is held outdoors on a slightly brisk spring or fall day, but it’s just as appropriate to wear during summertime. Soft chiffon is an elegant option for the nuptials, but you might prefer a more forgiving and relaxed jersey fabric if the occasion is more on the casual side. If you don’t like wearing heels, a maxi dress will graze over your flats or low-profile wedges and convey a polished look from head to toe.

A Cardigan and Dress

Don’t be fooled by the notion that cardigans are only for casual or corporate wear. While they have a certain reputation as the necessary layering piece, they also happen to work well as part of your wedding outfit. Start with your dress as the guiding factor. If you’re wearing a sleek, form-fitting metallic dress with sequins that extends to the knee, for example, then you can easily wear a women’s cardigan over that without taking away from the beauty of the dress. Be sure to choose a style that’s the same color as the dress — silver on silver, for example — and a length that’s a touch longer than the knee. That creates a layered effect that looks cohesive and stylish instead of thrown together.

A Fancy Skirt Suit

A skirt suit is also a great choice for the groom’s mother. It conveys a sense of gracefulness and even a hint of authority. Plus it’s something you can easily wear even in the future to special and formal events of all kinds. Look for features that set them apart from ordinary skirt suits, like glossy fabrics and intricate detailing. Beadwork, sequins, and other sparkling embellishments lend your skirt suit a dressy quality that’s perfect for a wedding.

Steer clear of skirt lengths that are too short, as that takes away from the formality of the ensemble. A knee length skirt is a great choice that doesn’t veer too far in either direction. A matching suit jacket completes this look perfectly, and you can finish the outfit with a pair of low-profile heels or pumps and a delicate necklace.

A Flowing Pants Suit

If you favor pants to skirts and dresses, there’s no reason why you can’t wear a beautiful pants suit to your son’s wedding. The ensemble can be just as appropriate as a dress, especially when you opt for a set that conveys a sense of elegance and formality. As with the skirt suit, look for materials and details that offer a bit more extravagance than what you might wear to the office. Draped materials are beautiful, as are sparkling elements, sheer fabrics, and metallic details. Free-flowing pants exude a classy sort of vibe and an inherently dressy quality, and they look beautiful with fitted suit jackets. It’s all about sophistication, elegance, and dressing for the occasion. Add a simple women’s blouse underneath to complete this easy look.

This is an important day that only comes around once in a lifetime. Make the most of it by dressing in a mother-of-the-groom outfit that you’re sure to treasure.


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