Monogrammed Slippers Every Couple Needs

Monogrammed Slippers Every Couple Needs

Couples’ gifts are fun to buy if you really know the couple and if they share the same interests. However, if you don’t, finding a gift that they’ll actually appreciate can be quite the challenge. Think about it: how many times have you intended to purchase a couple’s gift only to resort to giving them a gift card or something unoriginal? Besides, anyone with two feet can use a pair of slippers; nobody wants to be walking around with cold toes this winter. Here are some recommendations on gifting monogrammed slippers that every couple needs, but might not realize it.

Style Them in Suede Leather

The suede look is arguably the most sophisticated slipper look. It says, “I’m polished on the outside, but soft and snuggly on the inside.” Plus, the foam cushioning provides good support for tired feet. You can even wear them outside to get the mail or let the dog out with their skid-free rubber outsole. Give them a little something extra by choosing to get them in metallic suede leather. You can have them monogrammed with the couple’s initials or a symbol that means something special to them.

Show Your Snuggly Side With Sherpa Fleece

If fleece is good enough to keep a sheep warm, it’s good enough for us to consider as a great winter gift. Our fleece slippers have soft Sherpa fleece everywhere except for the comfortable foam footbed and durable rubber outsole. Like the suede slippers, they also look great monogrammed.

Monogram Your Heart Out

You can add more than just initials to slippers if you want to personalize them; you can add symbols, emojis or other types of text as well (as long as it fits). A funny emoji or symbol that represents a favorite pastime may work well, or you can add their initials.

Ignore the Matchy-Matchy

The fact that you’re gifting a “couple’s gift” doesn’t mean that it has to match perfectly. Just like their personalities are different, their gifts can be different too. For example, one might prefer the suede leather slippers that look more like shoes, while the other might want a pair of soft Sherpa slippers with a panda-corn on them (that’s a panda with a unicorn horn, and yes, that’s one of the monogramming options). As different as they are, they’ll both enjoy and remember when they got your monogrammed slippers from you.

Pay Attention to Slipper Size

While they’re a little more forgiving than shoes, slippers should be the right size in order to be comfortable on the feet. Getting the right-sized slipper for a couple might be a bit of a challenge, but it isn’t impossible as long as you do some detective work. Next time you see them, compliment their shoes and jokingly ask if they’ll fit you. That will likely open up a conversation about shoe sizes. They might seem suspicious at first, but they won’t care when they realize why you asked.

Add Some Matching Robes

If you and the couple you’re gifting to tend to splurge on each other during the holidays, a pair of slippers might be a little less than what you were hoping to give. Adding some matching robes can really seal the deal though. Our monogrammed flannel robes are made of a super soft flannel on the outside and have fuzzy sherpa fleece on the inside. There is plenty of detail to set it apart from the average robe too, like the shawl collar, turned-back cuffs and the reinforced patch pockets. If flannel isn’t their style, there are plenty of others to choose from, like those fluffy ones you get from the spa.

Or Add Some Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas are sort of a fun, silly gift but practically everyone enjoys getting them, especially when they’re ultra-comfortable. Making a gift complete with a pair of matching PJs and monogrammed slippers is sure to invoke comments like, “You guys really outdid yourselves this year,” and earn your rank as top gifters in the Secret Santa exchange.

Stepping into a comfy pair of slippers can make it so much easier to get out of bed in the morning, especially when the kitchen floor feels like an ice-skating rink and you can’t bear the thought of making it to the coffee-maker without them. Whether it’s a couple’s gift or a gift for you and your significant other, monogrammed slippers are timeless wardrobe essentials that are sure to be put to good use.


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