Monogrammed Gifts Mean Holiday Cheer

Monogrammed Gifts Mean Holiday Cheer

Few items feel more personal and filled with holiday cheer than monogrammed gifts for your friends and loved ones. Often the search for the perfect gift comes down to what feels the most personal. With plenty of monogrammed treasures available this holiday season, you can easily make even the simplest of gifts feel more thoughtful than ever. Whether your gift of choice is embroidered, embossed, illustrated, or printed, a monogrammed piece is a present someone will always cherish and remember. Here is a guide of the perfect monogrammed gifts this holiday season.

Christmas Stockings

Few things are more holiday-appropriate than Christmas stockings. If you and your family celebrate Christmas, then surely you have many wonderful memories of sipping hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music, and hanging up stockings. Personalized Christmas stockings are an excellent gift that will bring the whole family together. This classic, personalized stocking will become an heirloom for years to come. Gift this to everyone in your family that they will surely treasure.

Bath Accessories

There is a real pleasure in seeing your initials in fancy script on your linens. Help a friend or family member upgrade their bath linens and bath gear by gifting monogrammed alternatives. A great gift for a couple is to gift them matching monogrammed hand towels and face towels for their bathrooms with their combined initials on them. You can also choose to go all out and gift someone a whole towel set hand-embroidered with their initials or family name for a classic aesthetic that no one tires of. Other ways to personalize bath wear is to gift your significant other a monogrammed plush bathrobe, which will make taking bubble baths even more luxurious. If you feel like going to the next level, you can gift a loved one a whole bathroom set, including a monogrammed shower curtain to create a classic and personalized bathing experience.

Bedding and Sleepwear

Another great monogrammed gift to give this year is monogrammed sleepwear and bedding. Upgrade that linen closet with monogrammed bedding, blanket, sheets, and more. Monogrammed bedding is a perfect gift for your significant other and your kids alike. Your kids will love having their own personalized bedding and blankets. Aside from the pure joy of having fresh new sheets and blankets, it is also a great tactic to keep your children from arguing over what belongs to whom. Upgrade your entire bedroom experience with monogrammed throw pillows to add a little personalized decor to your bed aesthetic.

Aside from bedding, monogrammed sleepwear is our next stop to personalize the entire sleep experience. Try monogramming slippers for your spouse or parents, nighties for your sisters or girlfriends, or eye masks for anyone who loves the extra darkness while trying to get some shut-eye. Monogrammed pajamas are especially great because they are appropriate and available for the whole family. Gifting a matching pajama set with their respective initials to a couple or the kids is a touching and practical gift to be treasured.


Aside from linens and stockings, there are so many other items out there that would be made more personal by monogramming initials onto them. Your kids will certainly love personalized sleeping bags under the tree this Christmas morning. Personalized sleeping bags also make your life easier when you don’t have to worry about your kids losing their sleeping bags at sleepaway camp now that their names or initials are embroidered on them. Gift your friends or siblings a monogrammed tote beach bag with matching beach towels so they will never get lost on vacation again.

Other great monogrammed accessories that are perfect for your nearest and dearest as well as friends and coworkers are monogrammed wallets, notebooks, diaries, passport holders for those jet setters, phone cases, and even coasters. Of course, monogrammed clothing items are always in vogue. A monogrammed men’s flannel shirt is a special gift for any man, giving his wardrobe a more personal touch. Monogrammed jewelry and watches are a very special gift for someone very special to you. There is no lack of options for what you can monogram this holiday season.

As you are gift shopping this holiday season, your gift-giving is made so much easier by choosing monogrammed items for your friends and loved ones. Personalizing your holiday presents brings special joy and holiday cheer. So be sure to put monogrammed gifts, bespoke treasures, and customized pieces for your holiday shopping list this season.


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