Personalized Monogrammed Office Gifts for the Christmas Party

Personalized Monogrammed Office Gifts for the Christmas Party

You may find it considerably easier to select suitable Christmas gifts for your closest friends and family than for your coworkers and employees. That's certainly understandable. Unless you're very close, it can be tricky to strike the right balance and surprise them with something truly useful and meaningful at the annual Christmas party.

Giving a monogrammed gift is a shockingly easy way to minimize that stress. Think about it: It's personalized, but not necessarily too personal, it's useful in a way that is pertinent to their lives, but it doesn't seem like something a significant other might give. Here are a few personalized office gift ideas to consider for the festivities.

Hand Towels

Everyone needs towels—seriously. When giving gifts in the workplace, however, it's best to err on the minimal side and stay within the realms of practicality. In other words, now isn't the time to surprise your staff with a whole set of towels for their entire family. Monogrammed hand towels make fantastic gifts because they're functional yet compact.

Even better, you have a variety of sizes from which to choose. Keep it simple yet luxurious with a cute seasonal towel embroidered with a festive design, such as a sweet penguin, a colorful wreath, or a Christmas tree. A single letter monogram finishes the look beautifully and lets your coworker or employee know that you were thinking of them.

Wine Bags

With a design that resembles the coziest flannel sheets, a monogrammed wine bag is absolutely irresistible in every way. The buffalo check pattern is a classic, old-world favorite that will remain a tried-and-true favorite for a lifetime.

You can personalize it with their initials if you're giving it to someone specific, but if you're simply instructed to bring a gift to the party for a Secret Santa type of exchange, then you might consider monogramming a festive phrase instead. "Celebrate" or "Drink Up" are both popular options that are fitting. You can even slide a bottle of your best bubbly inside if you're so inclined.

Holiday Ornaments

Naturally, a holiday party is also a pretty great occasion to give someone a personalized Christmas stocking. Or, perhaps, think out of the box and gift them a delightful handcrafted ornament. These ornaments are finished with pure pewter for a timeless, old-world look that will bring a smile to your recipient's face every year. Tucked into a delicate canvas bag, it's fully prepared for gift giving!

Of course, nothing speaks to the thoughtfulness of a gift better than a slightly personalized touch. The ornaments are available in a variety of designs, including a cute family of critters, a photo frame, a snowflake, a group of sledding penguins, a tree piled high with gifts and, of course, Santa Claus and his reindeer. Adding their name is the perfect finishing touch for an already beautiful and perfectly seasonal surprise.


Don't be alarmed by the prospect of giving monogrammed bedding to an employee or coworker. This is the type of gift that's particularly appropriate in a smaller office where everyone knows everyone well, and you feel close and comfortable enough to exchange something a little more extravagant, yet not over the top.

You can never go wrong with a lavish throw or a plush monogrammed blanket personalized with their initials. Both are made for using all season long and can easily carry over into springtime. The beauty of this product is that it's incredibly thoughtful and shows that you put some genuine effort into selecting a gift that is meaningful and worth using over and over again. There's also no danger of anyone regifting a personalized blanket!


Scarves for men and women make exceptional gift ideas for everyone on your list, but they're particularly appropriate for the office Christmas party. It's likely pretty chilly or will be soon enough.

A scarf is something that will remain useful for a lifetime, so it's important to shop with quality in mind. Look for luxuriously soft materials, like fleece or even cashmere if you're shopping for someone particularly close to you. You can have it personalized with their full name, their initials or a single letter, and select from several patterns and solid colors to add a pop of something bright and eye-catching to their winter wardrobe this year.

The Personal Touch

It's the personal touch that sets any holiday gift apart from the rest. When shopping for people in the office, make it a point to reflect on the relationship that you share. There are appropriate custom monogrammed gifts for any occasion, whether it's a Secret Santa exchange, a casual friendship, or an intimate bond.


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