Modest Swimwear for the Whole Family

Modest Swimwear for the Whole Family

When beach season rolls around, don’t leave home without brand-new suits for the whole family! Let’s face it, last year’s models won’t suit your family on your next romp at the ocean, lake, or water park. From growing children to changing styles, there are so many reasons why you’ll need fresh new swimwear for the new season.

Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming beach getaway or just counting down the days until the kids are on summer vacation, you’re probably a little stressed out trying to find the right swimsuits for the whole family. We’ll help you determine what you need to look out for to find the right swimsuit fit for you, your partner, and the little ones.

What to Consider Before Shopping for Modest Swimwear

So you’ve determined that you need to buy modest swimsuits for your family, but where to begin? What should you look for? One of the first things to determine is what style of swimwear each member of your family needs. To figure this out, just think about what each person will be doing while wearing their swimwear. After all, your outfit needs will be different if you’re spending all day sunbathing on the beach, hanging off the back of a boat on a tube, or snorkeling in the ocean.

The most important tool while shopping may be one you’d least expect: a tape measurer. You probably know that finding the right swimsuit can be a chore. You may even have bad memories of trying on suit after suit in a mall dressing room, only to walk away with nothing. Your family may complain about their suits, too, from too-tight straps to chafing waistbands to sagging backsides.

Fortunately, finding a comfortable fit doesn’t have to leave you feeling like you’re drowning. It’s all about knowing your measurements, finding the brands and styles you love, and sticking with what works. Thankfully, Lands’ End makes swimsuits for every body, and you’ll land at a comfortable fit for your whole family.

What to Know When Buying Women’s Modest Swimwear

When you’re hunting for women’s modest swimwear for yourself, you’ll want to consider the rise of the leg openings, the thickness of the straps, and the neckline. One option is a one-piece swimsuit, like the Lands’ End Tugless Tank One-Piece for a modest and comfy look.

What to Know When Buying Men’s Modest Swimwear

When shopping for men’s swimsuits, make sure to prioritize comfort, especially around the waistline. The swimsuit you choose for him should have a liner for protection and coverage. The waistband should also have padding and a drawstring to make sure he can adjust to his comfort level. When you take his measurements, you can determine if he should consider big and tall swim trunks.

What to Know When Buying Kids’ Modest Swimwear

Picking out your children’s swimsuits can be a daunting task, especially if they are choosy or if they wear a specialty size like slim, plus, or husky. Before you begin your hunt, make sure to figure out your child’s size as they may be between sizes. After all, they are still growing. Make a judgment call on whether to size up or down. Don’t forget to pack some water shoes too. You never know what kids will step on at the pool or the beach.

Modest Swimwear Features You’ll Love

Before clicking that buy button or heading to the cash register, make sure to check if your swimsuit picks have the features you’ll love on your next wet-and-wild family adventure. Let’s cover the features your swimsuit purchases should have.

UPF Protection

For your family, you can’t go wrong with sun protective swimwear that has a little UPF protection or sun protection built right into the fabric. The bonus is that modest swimwear with built-in UPF protection will work for any occasion. No matter the weather, you will be protected from even the harshest of rays.

Full Coverage

The hallmark of modest swimwear is its coverage, often featuring thicker straps, sleeves, or skirts for women and girls and baggier, longer board shorts for men and boys. Find the coverage right for you and your family and your level of activity when you head to the beach. If your kids spend all day burying themselves in the sand or your husband spends most of his time on a boogie board in the waves, you may even want to consider long sleeves to protect everyone from the sun, the salt, and the sand, all of which can be damaging to the skin.

Modest Swimwear Accessories

There are other ways to make your beach look more modest, including with the items of clothing you use as cover-ups. If you’re feeling like you want more coverage after settling on a one-piece or tankini, opt for a pair of swim shorts, a swim skirt, or a rash guard. For the boys in the family, a swim shirt is a great option.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of shopping for the whole family, you can dive into your next shopping adventure with confidence. All you need is your family’s measurements, their style preferences, and a vacation destination in mind. Surf’s up!


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