Modest Swimwear for the Active Mom

Modest Swimwear for the Active Mom

Pool and beach time create a lot of fun family memories, so moms don’t have time to fuss around with their swimsuits! For all you active moms, there are plenty of modest swimsuits to keep up with you, so you’ll always be ready for wakeboarding in the lake or building sandcastles with the kids.

While some moms enjoy the styling freedom of two-piece swimsuits, others prefer the simplicity and elegance of the one-piece swimsuit. No matter where your eye for style lies, there is a modest swimsuit to keep you active and confident every time you hit the water. This selection of modest swimwear is perfect for the active mom to feel stylish and supported all day long.

Stay Sweet in Swim Dresses

If you can’t get enough of frilly and whimsical styles, then swim dresses should make it in your closet. This swimsuit has the same coverage as a tankini top and a swim skirt but is made into a convenient one-piece solution. If you’re ever in doubt of what to wear when you’re in a pinch, then a swim dress covers a lot of bases. First, it has a modest skirt to keep you covered if you plan on chasing kids around the beach and boardwalk—crossing into both land and water zones.

When you enjoy swimming and playing beach sports, a swim dress keeps you covered and looking cute so that you can bend over, jump, and dive for a volleyball without worrying about wardrobe issues. It’s also incredibly convenient to be ready to go anywhere without needing to change. Getting a swim dress in different colors, neck cuts, and skirt lengths will give you the ultimate range of options for different occasions.

Make Anything Modest With a Swimsuit Cover-up

Do your style preferences lean toward more revealing swimsuits but you still need coverage on occasion? A swimsuit cover-up gives you the option to dress how you feel with peace of mind that you can dress modestly if the need arises.

A cover-up like a swim shirt, kaftan dress, or swim shorts provides enough coverage to make a bikini suitable for a family gathering or kid’s birthday party. Swim cover-up dresses can also be worn as regular day dresses on many occasions, so they can do double-duty on land as cute Sunday brunch or park playdate outfits.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With Tankinis

If you want a swimsuit that has more coverage than a bikini but offers more options than a one-piece, then a set of tankini tops and mix-and-match bottoms can provide you a range of modesty levels and design options. For instance, one day you may want to wear a high-neck tankini top with a boy short bottom to stay covered while playing beach sports, then another day you may want a scoop-neck tankini top and bikini bottom for a day date with someone special.

If you want to try out different types of bottoms like high-cut and low-rise, then tankini tops allow you to explore these options while saving money. Instead of buying whole swimsuits, swim separates cost less and ensure you get the size and coverage that’s most comfortable for you.

For Moms With Active Small Children

If you’re a mom of littles, you know how quickly a toddler can dart off into the unknown. You do plenty of hauling, catching, and swooping in at the right moment. When you’re busy wrangling a spirited toddler who doesn’t want to leave the pool, the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction. This probably isn’t the time for your itty-bitty yellow polka dot bikini, but something tough like a high-neck swimsuit instead.

Toddlers and babies will tug at your tops, especially if they think it’s time to eat, but a high-neck swimsuit will give you total control of how covered you stay—and when it’s time to nurse! If you also want to wear a top with optional coverage, keep a women’s rash guard nearby. Throw your rash guard on any time you need more modesty or sun protection.

Modest swimwear can be cute and fun when you mix and match different styles. Create a new, attractive look every time you go out with your kids for some sweet summer fun!


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