Modern Ways To Customize Apparel

The Rise of Customization in Fashion

People have always found ways to make fashion their own and express their own personal style, from making their own one-of-a-kind outfits at home to adding unique embellishments to existing garments. Modern manufacturing methods have expanded the world of customization in fashion, with options for personalized embroidery, decals, monograms, and even custom colors.

As trend cycles send certain looks in and out of vogue, customized clothing has become an appealing way for people to develop a sense of individuality in their wardrobe. By adding just a few touches, you can take a trendy or timeliness garment and make it your own. Here’s a breakdown of the different ways customization has grown over the years.


Before mass-produced clothing became a staple in fashion, it was common for people to have handmade clothing that was tailored to their specific measurements. If you’re making your clothes at home or going to a tailor anyway, why not get a perfect fit? Once the convenience of large clothing retailers shot into popularity, people shifted away from custom tailoring and towards picking the closest size to their measurements. And with online shopping making it impossible to have a garment quickly taken in while you shop, it makes sense that people would simply pick the closest available size.

But that’s starting to change, as more retailers offer made-to-order versions of their existing styles. The internet has made it easier for retailers to communicate directly with customers about their style needs, and many online shops now provide simple tailoring options. Instead of picking a standard size from the available stock, you can take your measurements at home and input them into an online form. Once the shop has your information, they can get to work manufacturing your custom item. Although this can take a bit of extra time, many customers are willing to wait for garments that perfectly flatter their figure.

At Lands' End we will customer hem pants including chinos and jeans for a fit that's tailored to your inseam measurements.


Engraving is a classic customization method that’s been around ever since people have been making jewelry and keepsakes. Etching a name, date, or meaningful phrase onto a Christmas ornament, stocking holder, ring, necklace, or watch adds a sentimental touch to something you wear regularly.

While engraving started out as a specialized skill for silversmiths and woodworkers, modern technology makes custom-engraved pieces accessible to the masses. Jewelers and custom engraving shops can use laser technology to quickly and precisely add a message or design to basic jewelry templates. There are even personal-size engraving machines that you can bring home and use to add custom engravings to your favorite pieces.


Printing is an ancient art that’s taken on a new life in the age of customization. For hundreds of years, textile makers have used stamping and screenprinting to add designs to fabric. That practice has evolved rapidly, as technology has changed to increase the efficiency of making custom clothing and fabric.

With print-on-demand services, people now able to order custom apparel. There are several platforms you can use to upload and image and have a custom-printed item shipped directly to your door. If there’s a design you love but you don’t see it available as a garment, you can submit the design yourself and choose from a wide variety of clothing styles and colors, such as women's tank tops, men's polo shirts, and unisex tees. Love the idea of custom clothing but don’t have a design in mind? Many independent artists use print-on-demand to create limited edition runs of their designs on different wearable items, from canvas tote bags to winter hats.

But the customization potential doesn’t stop there. Custom-printed apparel has become an extremely popular way for brands and organizations to connect with their audiences. Companies can make bulk orders of custom uniforms featuring their logo, catchphrase, and even individual employee names. Performers can produce personalized merch for their fans with special details like tour dates and city names.


A monogram is a design that turns a few letters, such as someone’s initials, into a single logo. You may have seen monograms on the products of popular fashion houses, such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but you can also add custom monograms to your own clothes and household items such as bath towels and bath rugs. A personalized monogram can take a plain garment and turn it into something that truly special, just for you.

You can add embroidered or printed monograms to almost any garment or accessory such as canvas totes and women's robes, allowing you to personalize your whole closet. Adding an embroidered monogram to a women's fleece jacket or one of your women's spring jackets can help you add a layer of personality to any outfit. Many fashion retailers offer monogramming as an upgrade for their clothing, letting you easily create a charming motif in your favorite color and style.

Curious about how you can join the custom clothing trend? Next time you’re looking for something unique for your wardrobe, check and see what customization options are available. You may be surprised at what kind of unique details you can add to the clothing you already love. By exploring ways to personalize your clothes, you can develop your own sense of individual style and enjoy having one-of-a-kind keepsakes that truly represent you.


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