Maximalism vs. Minimalism: What Is Your Home Style?

Maximalism vs. Minimalism: What Is Your Home Style?

Home is nothing if not where your tchotchkes are. Creating a space where you feel comfortable makes a huge difference—you can relax when you need it most and entertain with confidence when there are festivities to celebrate. A maximalist style doesn’t necessarily mean overly busy. Maximalism is the thoughtful cohesion of patterns, colors, and layered fabrics among furniture pieces and plants (if you’ve got a green thumb!). Minimalism also doesn’t have to feel empty. Selectively choosing items with clean lines and shapes can make your home just as warm and inviting.

Building a stylish space doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive either. It’s easy to start with one room like a bedroom and choose linens that best meet your mood. From there, you can build the space's personality with other accents like pillows, art, or even a bed for your pup. Even a tiny room like a bathroom is a great spot to think about your décor. A few monogrammed towels and a stellar curtain can really tie these spaces together. Read on for plenty of home decoration ideas to make your area fit with your maximalist or minimalist vibes.


In a bedroom, the duvet cover can set the tone for the room’s vibes. If you go for colors and flowers, check out one of our ivory dried floral or deep-sea navy floral swirl sateen duvet covers. Some matching linens in deep blues or whites would be lovely. But if you want to maximize, you can also pick some rust-red or sunflower yellow bed sheets and add a few throw pillows in varying textures and prints: think buffalo check or stripes. Think about keeping different patterns in the same color family to keep the look cohesive without being clashy.

If you’re looking to keep things pared down in the bedroom for that luxuriously white hotel vibe, pick a crisp set of bed sheets in a gorgeous neutral like white, cream, or gray. Don’t shy away from a dusty blue or pink either, which are great color palettes to work from in a minimalist aesthetic. One option is to go for a duvet that is the same color for an extra streamlined look—but not all minimalism has to be plain. A light texture like linen or chambray with some added throw pillows in an elegant stripe adds depth.

Living Room

Next up: the room where you watch TV, lounge on Saturday mornings, or snuggle with your favorite furball. The living room is an easy place to work on your maximalist tendencies with changeable décor. Go wild with throw pillows! We’ve got so many options to consider: metallic ribbon stripe, embroidered paisley, jute braid fringe, chindi pattern, or dried botanical print—you can’t make a wrong decision.

Think more about differences in texture than making sure every pillow matches the sofa or rug. That way, if you like to keep things simple, pick one throw pillow design and use it two or three times around the room. And when you want to change out your pillows, store them in some canvas storage bins, which keep everything organized regardless of your style.

Who doesn’t love a rich, plushy rug underfoot? A fabulous rug grounds your space, whether it’s maximalist or minimalist. If you’re the former, go for a pattern reminiscent of the throw pillows to tie it all together. Otherwise, pick one that’s got a calm pattern, but don’t be afraid to use color. A sofa and pillows in a neutral tone could be paired with a richly colored rug in blues, greens, or deep yellows. Top it all off with a throw blanket over the back of the sofa or tossed over an accent chair.


Everyone loves some elegant spa vibes in the bathroom. If you like those cooling sand and stone color palettes, pick up some decorative hand towels in organic or Turkish cotton. A rich steel or cloudy blue sets the tone for a super relaxing shower or bath. A complimentary bath mat and shower curtain in the same hues complete the minimalist look.

If you want to jazz it up, first hang some solid color towels and then layer them with jacquard, cane weave, or novelty stripe print in deep navy blue or burgundy. A shower curtain in a bold botanical print or geometric pattern in a complementary color like yellow or orange will do just the trick. Then, no matter if you like to maximize or minimize you, you can’t go wrong with adding some plants. Orchids and ferns love the moisture from the shower and add some earthy goodness to your daily routine.

Your style is what you live in. Making your space reflect your maximalist babe or your inner minimalist yogi is the best way to be yourself.

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