Minimalist Christmas Ideas

Minimalist Christmas Ideas

Keep your holiday simple with minimalist Christmas decorations. Achieving a minimalist look is easy to do when you choose items in understated styles and colors. Also, limiting your decorations to a few key standout pieces is a good way to create a streamlined look for the holidays. When it comes to the minimalist design style, less is more. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Keep Christmas Decorations Simple

If you want Christmas ornaments that fit into your minimalist style, consider pewter ornaments shaped like animals, vehicles, Christmas trees, or Santa and his reindeer. These ornaments can be customized with up to 10 letters to make them one-of-a-kind. They’re an excellent way to decorate your own tree, but they also make great gifts.

A neutral-toned tree skirt is another decorative item you may want this holiday season. There are Christmas tree skirts in various styles, and many of them are simple enough to fit into your minimalist living room. Look for a tree skirt that’s made from an easy-care fabric such as cotton to avoid the need for dry cleaning after the holidays are over.

When it comes to the tree itself, you could go for a compact tabletop tree to save space. These trees are small enough to fit on most tables, yet large enough to decorate with ornaments. White lights are a classic addition to any Christmas tree, or you can skip the lights and add a simple garland instead.

Cotton needlepoint Christmas stockings also go well with minimalist décor. Choose a neutral color to keep things classic, such as light tan. You can use a stocking holder to hang them from the mantel or hang them on the wall with nails or hooks. There are also nail-free hangers that stick to the wall with adhesive if you don’t want to make holes.

Add a Few Festive Touches in the Living Room

Celebrate the season by adding Christmas décor to the living room. Christmas throws are functional and fashionable, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. There are cozy Sherpa fleece blankets with holiday prints, along with knitted throw blankets in classic red-and-white that feature snowflakes and reindeer. You can even toss a solid red throw over the sofa or your favorite armchair for a touch of holiday flair.

The addition of decorative holiday pillows also helps impart vibrant cheer to your living space. For the minimalist look, you don’t need a lot of embellishments. Keep it simple with a single pillow tossed casually onto a chair, or place a holiday throw pillow on either end of the sofa for a symmetrical look. It’s likely your holiday pillows feature the color red; if so, tie the look together with a neutral accent rug in gold or white. If you want to decorate the coffee table, a few Christmas candles on a rustic wood tray is all you need.

Update the Bedroom with Christmas Sheets

Christmas flannel sheet sets impart a holiday look to your bed, and they coordinate with any solid-color duvet cover or comforter. Classic white down comforters are always elegant, especially as part of a minimalist décor style. However, you can also go for a holiday color such as green or red if you want a Christmas look that’s understated yet traditional.

Many of the same decorating tips that work for the living room can be used in the bedroom. For example, a red accent rug adds a bright, cheery touch when placed at the foot of the bed or beside it. Christmas throw pillows tossed casually on the bed further enhances the holiday look, as does a cozy throw in a seasonal color or print.

Keep Christmas Dinner Simple and Elegant

Minimalism isn’t just for the Christmas tree and the living room — you can also extend it to Christmas dinner. One way is by keeping your table setting simple. A crisp white tablecloth is an elegant foundation for holiday placemats and Christmas-themed charger plates. Add white porcelain dinnerware for a simple yet elegant place setting.

When it comes to dinner itself, there are a variety of options. The minimalist style is all about keeping things simple, and one way to do that is by ordering a ready-made dinner for Christmas. Or you could ask each guest to bring a dish, which cuts down on your cooking and cleaning time.

Choose Christmas-Themed Pet Items

Don’t forget your pets this holiday season. There are dog Christmas sweaters that keep your dog warm and coordinate with any kind of holiday décor. If your dog isn’t the sweater-wearing type, there are Christmas bandanas for dogs in seasonal prints. There are also Christmas dog carriers to make vet trips and holiday travels more festive.

It’s easy to play with minimalist style this holiday season. All it takes are some simple decorations and cozy touches to bring the Christmas spirit to your space.


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