Menswear-Inspired Groomsmaid Outfits

Menswear-Inspired Groomsmaid Outfits

You’re considering having a groomsmaid at your wedding? Wonderful! Let’s look at some of the fashion options for menswear-inspired groomsmaid outfits.

What is a Groomsmaid?

A groomsmaid is simply a woman who attends a groom during his wedding ceremony as part of the wedding party. She can be the only attendant for the groom or one of several. If she’s the “primary” attendant, she would typically be called a groomsmaid of honor if she is single and a groomsmatron of honor if she’s married.

Wedding couples are recognizing that grooms have women in their lives besides their mothers (and their fiancés if they are female). A groomsmaid can be a beloved sister or friend who’s important to the groom in a women’s dress or not. It’s an affirming way to recognize an important relationship in the groom’s life and to honor that for the groomsmaid. Why did it take us until the 21st century to realize this?

Do Groomsmaids wear dresses or tuxedos?

Let’s loosen our grip on the binary here. It’s the wedding couple’s choice, of course (with input from the groomsmaids), but this one is up for grabs. Groomsmaids can wear full-on tuxedos, pants and jacket outfits with some menswear touches dresses with a bit of a menswear flair like a men’s blazer, a maxi skirt with a tuxedo shirt or jacket, or any other outfit that will look great for your wedding.

Women have been rocking menswear-inspired looks for decades. A fun idea is to search on the internet for famous women who have made these options look amazing. Possibilities include Marlene Dietrich, Diane Keaton, Angelina Jolie, and Zendaya, just to name a few.

Black and White

Black and white are both great choices for formalwear. If yours will be a formal wedding, keeping the colors (and perhaps fabrics) of the groomsmen’s and groomsmaid’s outfits the same is one way to keep a neat look for the wedding party.

Consider having the attendants in a different color than the bride(s) and groom(s). For example, if you have two grooms in your wedding, maybe they would look dashing in white, and their attendants would look great in black or vice versa. Dressing the attendants in black is a sophisticated option for an evening wedding. Black dresses with menswear-inspired accessories like ties, hats, or vests are one option.

Play with Color

In the past, most groomsmen wore black and white tuxedos (or perhaps grey morning coats), and most bridesmaids wore dresses in a pastel or jewel color. But there really are no rules for this one. Have you spotted the handsome men on the red carpet in colorful tuxedos this year? Everything from fuchsia to violet has been seen on these dapper dudes. And when it comes to men’s dress shirts, there are plenty of options in addition to white. How about the guys who look great in pearls? You don’t have to be Harry Styles to rock a dress and classic jewelry. All it takes is an eye for design and some confidence to be fabulous!

A fun option is to have the guys go more fem and have the gals look chic in menswear-inspired outfits. Add a men’s tie to a pantsuit for the gals and encourage the guys to entertain the idea of colorful suits, skirts, or dresses. It’s your wedding. If you and your fiancé and your attendants like the finished product, it’s not anyone else’s fashion choice.

The Dapper is in the Details

In addition to wearing pants, a tuxedo shirt, and a jacket, many small touches can bring a groomsmaid outfit into the realm of chic menswear-inspired looks. Go for boutonnieres instead of corsages. If your groomsmaid has short hair, maybe wear it more slicked back than voluminous. Traditional bow ties are fun, but so are western bow ties, pussy bows, and any scarf or sash tied in a way that is like a traditional Windsor knot.

A simple, crisp white collar worn under a black jacket can give a menswear vibe. Hats and vests (with jackets or without) can be fun, too (think Annie Hall for inspiration). If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider having your groomsmaid(s) wear vests without a jacket or a tuxedo shirt and tie without either a jacket or vest for chic and cool options. Consider shoes that have more of a men’s oxford cut to them instead of a traditional women’s pair of heels or flats. All these small touches add up to the total look.

Gifts for Groomsmaids

While wedding gifts can run the gamut, traditional gifts for groomsmen or bridesmaids are another area where you will want to avoid stereotypes. Think about what your dear friends would enjoy receiving as an attendant’s gift and go with that, whether it’s traditional or far from it.

Enjoy your wonderful wedding with your chic groomsmaid!


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