Men’s Swimsuits: What Are Your Options and Which You Should Choose

Men’s Swimsuits: What Are Your Options and Which You Should Choose

Looking for a stylish and comfy men’s swimsuit? You’ve come to the right place! At Lands’ End, we’ll show you all the options and help you to find the swimwear that suits you best. Let’s look at some great choices to wear while you enjoy the sun, sand, and surf.

Start With the Right Fit

When shopping for swimwear, start with your current measurements. Even if you think you know what they are, it’s good to double-check. You’ll want to pick out a swimsuit that is loose enough to be comfortable and cut close enough to the body to give you the look and feel that you prefer—all while either wet or dry. Men’s swim trunk inseams range from about six inches to nine inches. They are available in styles that are more body-skimming and those that are fit more like traditional shorts. Think about where and when you will be wearing your suit, both in the water and out. Your suit should fit so comfortably that you don’t even have to think about it. You should concentrate on having fun, not on what you are wearing to the pool or the beach!

Men’s Big and Tall Swimwear

If you wear big and tall pants and shirts, chances are you will benefit from the cut of men’s big and tall swim trunks, too. If you haven’t tried big and tall sizes before but think they might be a good option for you, check them out. Lands’ End will help you find the right size with our user-friendly size finder that includes height and weight, not just waist size and inseam. Starting with the right size is key when looking for swimwear that will keep you looking and feeling great.

When buying men’s swimwear, always try it on in front of a full-length mirror. Do a 360-degree turn to get a feel for how they will look from the back as well as the front. Are they comfy, sharp-looking swim trunks you can see yourself wearing all day? If not, try another pair. The best swim trunks are the ones you like that fit your body and your individual style. The only real question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I want to wear?”

Short Swim Trunks

If you like a little less fabric while you are swimming and sunning (or if you like to show off those legs!), consider short swim trunks. Our short swim trunks will still give you the coverage that you need while providing you with the style that you want. And, of course, they are available in a wide variety of colors.

Long Swim Trunks

Prefer a leisurely length and a more streamlined silhouette of longer swim trunks? We have plenty of options for you there, too. Our long men’s swimsuits will give you the relaxed fit and all-day comfort that you crave.

Swim Shirts

For the ultimate in both comfort and sun safety, consider adding a swim shirt to your outfit. Men's rash guards have several advantages. Whether short-sleeved or long-sleeved, you will have greater protection from the sun as well as a bit more insulation for cold water or a cool breeze. Pairing your sun shirt with your swim trunks will also give you an instant outfit that you can wear to or from the pool or the beach and even run errands in.

Colors and Design

From classic neutrals to vibrant colors and splashy designs, we have the winning looks you will want to wear in the water. Do you prefer a simple, handsome, and sporty look? Consider a solid-colored neutral swim trunk. Just can’t get enough of summer fashion? Perhaps a bold design or a fun pop color is in order. You can also coordinate your swim trunks with your swim shirt for head-turning good looks. Whether you are out in the middle of all the activity or enjoying some well-deserved relaxation by the pool or beach, we’ll keep you comfy and stylish through it all.

Water Shoes and Family Swimwear, Too!

A pair of water shoes is a great addition to your swimwear. Give your feet the advantage of protection from hazards like the rocky ground or seashells and create the traction you need for running on the beach or racing in a kayak. Swim shoes are a great choice for the whole family. They’ll keep the little ones (and their grown-ups!) from slipping on wet pavement and help the water sports enthusiasts in the crew to hit those targets.

Speaking of little ones, we have family swimwear for your whole crew. Especially if you are planning a family vacation that involves swimming, check out our options for children of all ages, from the littlest tykes to their gregarious grandparents.

Take a little time and find the men’s swimwear that suits you best!


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