Men's Sweaters to Brave the Storm

Men's Sweaters to Brave the Storm

Some men love the rain—watching it fall, being outside, and appreciating one of Mother Nature’s moods. Other guys prefer to hunker down inside and wait out the storm. While you always have the option of lazing about in your comfiest—if not rattiest—sweats, there are times when nothing will do but a sweater. What sweater you choose will likely depend on both the time of year and the severity of the storm. Read on for more about men’s sweaters to brave the storm.


Generally speaking, winter temperatures are cooler than temperatures during the rest of the year, and rainy weather can make you feel even colder (and damper, too). Brave the storm in a men’s cashmere sweater. Whereas most wool, as we think of it, comes from sheep—their coats shorn in the spring when they no longer need their winter coats—cashmere comes from cashmere and a few other species of goats. Once winter passes, the goats shed their heavy cold-weather coats, and the fibers and collected and woven into wool. The resulting fine-gauge textile, with its tighter weave, is warmer than wool because cashmere does a better job at trapping the warm air your body gives off.

Cashmere sweaters are less bulky than most wool sweaters, so if you need to, it’s easy to layer over a cardigan sweater or an oversized men’s flannel shirt. It’s also easy to layer a thermal top under your sweater for extra warmth because long underwear is usually made to fit snugly against the skin. This can come in handy if you have to venture out in sleet, which is freezing rain. Be careful, though—sleet can make the ground slippery; be sure your footwear has decent traction.


While the idea of gentle April showers bringing May flowers makes for a nice visual, the truth is that even if spring storms don’t have the biting cold edge of winter downpours, you can still feel pretty chilly. When it comes to sweaters, choose either a men’s V-neck sweater or a crewneck in merino wool. Although not as luxurious and warm as cashmere, merino wool is quite soft and almost as comfy.

Like those made from cashmere, merino sweaters are less bulky than other wool sweaters, making it easy to layer under a raincoat without feeling like a toddler bundled up for playing in the snow. It’s a safe bet to say, though, that, unlike a toddler in snow gear, you won’t spend more time getting in and out of your sweater than you will wearing it. Spring is also a temperamental season. One minute the promise of summer is in the air; the next, you’re convinced winter will never end, regardless of whether the groundhog saw its shadow. Keep a barn coat handy to throw over your sweater for those quick runs to the mailbox or to bring in the trash cans.


Summer’s warm-to-hot temperatures mean that even when it’s stormy outside, you won’t want to wear a sweater that’s too heavy. Worn over a cotton T-shirt, men’s cotton sweaters are the perfect solution; the lighter weight of cotton means you won’t overheat while waiting for the rain to stop.

Summer rainstorms offer opportunities to channel your inner child. No matter how old you are, it’s fun to go jumping in puddles. So, throw a raincoat over your sweater, put on a pair of duck or rain boots, and splash away. The cotton knit of your sweater will help you avoid overheating while you’re stomping around in the water. So what jeans happen to get soaked in the process? Simply swap them out for a pair of lounge pants when you get back inside.


Fall brings the glorious colors that are the changing leaves. Alas, if it’s stormy outside, you might have to admire them through the windows of your home. Stay warm and cozy inside in a waffle-weave Henley top, over which you can layer a zip-up sweater hoodie or a men’s cardigan sweater. If you must venture out to run errands, toss on a rain jacket and grab an umbrella. In general, it’s a good idea to keep an umbrella in the car, along with a packable raincoat—autumn rains—in truth, rain at any time—can occur unexpectedly, so it’s best to be prepared.

No matter the season, wearing a sweater can help you feel warm and snug inside during a rainstorm. It can also be soothing to watch and listen to the downpour while you imagine the rain washing away all your niggling concerns. Once the rain ends, you and your sweater can step outside into a freshly washed world. And, if you’re lucky, you’ll see a rainbow.


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