Men’s Sweater Buying Guide

Men’s Sweater Buying Guide

Sweaters are an integral part of anyone’s wardrobe, and knowing how to choose the right men’s sweater is a surefire way to ensure you look put together. So what should you be looking for in a good sweater? How do you know what will work best for your personal preferences? What are the different styles of men’s sweaters that you should consider incorporating into your wardrobe to make it more balanced? Take a look at our men’s sweater buying guide for all the info you’ll need on finding the perfect men’s sweater!

Pay Attention to Material

Comfort is key with any kind of clothing you decide to wear, but this is especially true for sweaters. The idea is to be comfortable and stay warm, right? The material that your sweater is made of is going to make a big difference in the level of comfort that you experience when wearing it. Anything made of cotton, supima cotton or wool is going to check off all of the boxes for you, ensuring your sweater delivers in terms of coziness and warmth. Wanting something a bit more luxurious? Men’s cashmere sweaters are always a good way to go!

Get the Right Size

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when looking for a new sweater is ensuring that you get it in the right size. Something too small will not only look askew, but you’re likely to feel uncomfortable as you adjust it throughout the day. You don’t want to get something too big, either. No one wants to look like they’re drowning in their clothing! Take the time to find a sweater in just the right size. We promise that it will be worth it.

Understand Your Colors

Knowing which colors you look best in will help your search for a new sweater significantly. Whether you lean more toward neutral colors, deep jewel tones or brighter hues that make a statement, taking the time to assess which colors you feel most comfortable in and will go best with other items you have in your closet will be a huge help.

Know Your Sweater Styles

So what are the main sweater styles for men that should be considered? While there are a great many out there on the market, there are a handful of popular styles that work for just about everyone that we would recommend you consider adding to your wardrobe.


Men’s crewneck sweaters are perhaps one of the most popular sweater styles out there, proving to be both comfortable and versatile. They feature a scoop neckline, making it easy to layer them over or under other wardrobe essentials. Whether you’re wearing it by itself or layering it over a button down shirt for a day in the office, crewneck sweaters are a classic item to have on hand that will always be in style.


Another classic sweater style to consider adding to your closet? Men’s turtleneck sweaters are always a good way to go, providing a timeless look that will keep you warm and comfortable during those chilly days. Whether you’re going with something thick and knit or you’re wanting something a bit more lightweight, there are plenty of different turtleneck styles to choose from.


Speaking of men’s wardrobe classics, another style to consider is the men's v-neck sweater. A flattering style on anyone, v-necks are a great staple to incorporate into your wardrobe and will prove to be a versatile layering piece. Whether you’re wearing it over a simple t-shirt or a button up shirt for a more put together look, you’ll find yourself reaching for your v-neck sweaters time and again.


Perhaps the ultimate layering piece to have in a man’s wardrobe is a men’s cardigan sweater. Easily wear it over short and long sleeve shirts or button up shirts, to a casual get together or a more formal event. Cardigan sweaters will quickly become one of your favorite articles of clothing, so we highly recommend getting a few in your closet for easy access.

Price Matters

When it comes to how much you spend on your men’s sweaters, it’s important that you try and find that sweet spot where you’re comfortable with how much you’re spending. Having high quality clothing doesn’t have to break the bank, but it’s worth it to spend a little extra for something that is going to be comfortable and long-lasting. Take some time to consider what you’re most comfortable with and find some options that you like in that price range!

Sweaters are a wardrobe essential for any man, and understanding what to look for in a men’s sweater is a surefire way to look great and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. The next time you go looking for a new sweater, be sure to consider some of our favorite styles and main things to look for in the perfect sweater.


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