Men’s snow boots vs. Winter shoes

Men’s Snow Boots vs. Winter Shoes—Why Would You Need Both?

These days, there are many kinds of winter weather. One morning might be snowy, the next wet and slushy, and then you might experience a warm spell or a few weeks of biting dry cold. You'll need more than one pair of winter shoes for men or men's winter boots to endure a shifting climate, and Lands' End has you covered. Check out these tips for choosing between men’s snow boots and men’s winter shoes:

For Snow and Slush

You need tough men’s waterproof snow boots when the rough weather hits. Try something like our lined men’s duck boots which have 600 grams of Thermolite® insulation and remain incredibly cozy in the snow. They're also waterproof, so you can walk through icy puddles without a second thought.

Before the flakes start falling, you might want something a little lighter. Men's All Weather Mocs are great when you're between seasons and take you from autumn to winter in total comfort. The rugged sole adds traction to help stop you from slipping on icy ground, while the cushioned footbed and padded collar provide support.

All-weather insulated leather snow boots are another option. Look for a pair with a leather upper and faux shearling lining, which imparts durability and warmth. In addition to water resistance, durability, and warmth, you’ll want a men’s leather snow boot with a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort. EVA is a plush material that provides that exact support while forming to the foot’s contours.

For Winter Dog-Walking

Our winter shoes are also great if you live somewhere with mild weather that doesn't require boots. Wear them for winter dog walks or other on-foot outings. They'll get you through wet and windy days just fine, thanks to the tough materials we use. You can also wear them with almost anything, including your favorite men’s jeans. Athleisure outfits are also a stylish, comfortable option for wearing with men’s winter shoes. Sherpa-lined men’s hoodies with French terry joggers are warm, on-trend, and allow for freedom of movement. Plus, they go with most any style of men’s winter shoe.

There are certain types of sneakers that work great for winter walks—with or without a furry friend. Look for waterproof sport sneakers with a rugged outsole, or you could even wear slip-on snow boots if flakes are falling. On mild winter days, most any footwear style can work for a walk. As long as there’s no precipitation on the ground, you could even wear a pair of flannel-lined slip-ons like booties or moccasins.

For Winter Hiking

Men’s winter hiking boots are a must-have if you don’t let the weather slow you down. Navigate snowy trails in a pair of insulated hiking boots with a waterproof exterior and sturdy, nonslip sole. Expedition suede insulated snow boots keep feet toasty warm and have a removable felt liner and sherpa collar. They’re tall enough to cover your pant cuffs so snow won’t get in. Plus, they have a lace-up closure that you can loosen or tighten for a custom fit that’s always comfortable.

Whether you hike on a paved trail or prefer to blaze your own, the right shoes can make all the difference. When it comes to outfits that go with these men’s winter hiking boots, there are many possibilities. For snowy hikes there are waterproof snow pants and men’s down jackets, while cold days without snow call for a rugged pant like a straight-leg jean or a rugged work pant. If you need plenty of stretch and freedom of movement when hiking, men’s sweatpants are an option. Layer them over men’s thermal pants for extra warmth.

For Holiday Travels

However, a pair of men's snow boots will come in handy if you travel. A Christmas visit to the in-laws in Colorado or a ski trip calls for something that can endure a blizzard. Look for a removable felt liner for easy cleaning and drying. You might also want to pack some indoor shoes—such as flannel-lined men’s slippers—for comfort when you’re inside. There are bootie slippers and moccasin styles that are comfortable and warm yet stylish enough to wear outside to grab the paper or enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio in the brisk fall air.

These shoe styles can be worn with all kinds of men’s outfits. Wear them with a pair of khaki chinos and a sweater for upscale style or dress down in your favorite jeans and flannel shirt. Men’s turtlenecks can be layered under sweaters and flannels for toasty warmth and a stylish look that can go most anywhere.

If you want a dressy outfit for wearing to a fancy restaurant while on your winter vacation, pair dress pants with a men’s blazer and dress shirt. Cashmere sweaters are another option that you can wear with or without a suit jacket on top.

A Word About Wool Socks

Wool socks add warmth whether you're wearing men's winter shoes or waterproof boots. Wool is also better than cotton since it insulates your feet even when wet. It also draws away moisture, so you won't feel sweaty, either.

One type of wool you’ll come across when shopping for men’s socks is Merino wool. Look for a pair with an elasticized arch for supportive comfort, or choose a pair of moisture-wicking Thermaskin socks. This innovative material offers compression arch support and keeps feet warm and dry.

The Final Word on Men’s Winter Snow Boots vs. Winter Shoes

When it comes to what’s better—men’s winter snow boots or winter shoes—it’s definitely a tie. Each footwear style is right for various occasions, so guys should have both as part of their cold-weather footwear collection. With plenty of styles available, it’s easy to find a pair that you or the man on your shopping list will love.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to own both men’s winter snow boots and men’s winter shoes. These footwear styles go with every outfit in your closet and come in sizes to fit most every foot.


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