Men's Resort Wear

Men's Resort Wear

Summertime is in full effect which means it is time for traveling. If you are going on a tropical resort vacation, for a family trip, a fun getaway with the boys, or a romantic week with your significant other, then keep reading because Lands' End has you covered with all your packing essentials.

Step 1: Finding the perfect luggage set

The first thing you are going to need is the perfect Luggage set. Do not worry, Lands' End has you covered with so many options of luggage sets to choose from. Now, I know this could be overwhelming. The first thing you should decide is whether you want a hard-shell or soft-shell luggage set. Then, you need to decide what size luggage set you are going to need. You should check what is the max size that is allowed on your flight. Lands' End has a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. If you are planning on packing lighter for your trip or want to bring a carry-on, two great options are the carry-on luggage tote or duffle bag. Duffle bags are spacious and easy to pack. A nice feature that they have is that they are flexible and less structured. This gives you plenty of room to squeeze in the extra items you want to pack. The carry-on luggage tote is a more compact version of a duffle bag, taking the shape of a tote bag. Its fold-over construction allows for flexibility, and the exterior zip pocket offers quick access to stowed belongings. This is a great feature in a carry-on bag when traveling. It also has a strap so you can rest it on top of your suitcase and wrap it around the handles, making easy to move quickly through the airport.

Step 2: Finding the perfect swimsuit style to pack

Now that you have your luggage covered, you are going to need the most important item for a tropical vacation: a swimsuit! But don't worry. Lands' End has you covered with tons of men's swimsuits to choose from. When looking for the perfect swim trunks you have to decide if you want board shorts or swim trunks. The big difference between board shorts and swim trunks is that board shorts are longer. They fall below the knee or right at the knee. The swim trunks are shorter, and they stop above the knee. Now you might need something to cover up if it gets breezy at the beach or if you start to get a sun burn. Swim shirts or rash guards are a great option. Swim shirts are great for sun protection: they are shirts that you can swim in. They are sometimes referred to as rash guards. They give extra protection from the sun and are waterproof.

Step 3: The best day and night resort wear options

When choosing what outfits to pack, you want to pack versatile pieces that you can transition from day to night. You are going to want to stick to lighter colors--for instance, lighter colored cotton shorts and chino pants. You could pair your chino pants with a button up top for a romantic dinner on the beach. If you want a more comfortable outfit, try some sweat shorts with a men's T-shirt. This outfit option is comfortable and not restricting, so it's a great outfit to wear while ATVing and exploring the island. Looking for an in between outfit that you could wear to brunch? A good option would be a men's polo shirt and a pair of men's shorts.

Now that you have everything you need for your next vacation, all you have to decide is where you are going and get packing. Have a great trip!


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