Four Outfits Every Guy Should Pack for a Summer Vacation

Four Outfits Every Guy Should Pack for a Summer Vacation

Whether you’re heading out for a trip with the guys, going on a long-awaited family vacation, or embarking on a solo journey, there are several key outfits you should pack in your travel bag to make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. Summer is one of our favorite times of year to get away, not just because of all the wonderful opportunities there are to enjoy the great outdoors and soak up the sun, but because it generally makes packing easier. In the summer, we’re more likely to be wearing lightweight layers with less fabric — easy t-shirts and lightweight khaki shorts, low-key sneakers and slip-on sandals. Still, when packing for a summer vacation, every guy should make sure to have all his bases covered. This means loading up on layers, making sure you have at least one pair of longer pants, and packing a lightweight jacket for chilly nights. But if all this feels overwhelming, don’t worry, we've got you covered. Here are four outfits every guy should pack for a summer vacation.

The Beach Look

Most summer vacations have some sort of water element — hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or jumping into a water hole during a hike. It’s best to be prepared with top-notch mens swimsuits to keep you comfortable and looking good, regardless of the circumstances. Pair your swim trunks with a UPF rash guard to keep you sun-safe when you’re hanging by the water, as well as when you take a dip — as they’re water repellent. Wear a fashionable button-down short-sleeve shirt on your way to the beach, which can be easily unbuttoned and worn with your swim trunks for a casual transitional look. As far as footwear, a cool pair of boat shoes, sandals, or flip flops does the trick.

The Night Out

While summer tends to mean casual outfits that prioritize comfort and staying cool first, it’s always smart to pack at least one slightly nicer look in case you end up at a nice restaurant or upscale occasion. This way, you’re prepared with a button-down shirt should you be able to work out a date night at a nice wine bar by the beach, or the family gathering calls for nicer attire (especially if there’s a family photo at the end of the night). You could go for a button-down, or a nice polo shirt. A v-neck can also work if you’d like to keep it in the t-shirt zone. A nicer shirt can be paired with shorts if it’s really sweltering, but we recommend opting for a relaxed pair of jeans with your outfit, or a pair of chinos or khakis if you want to look a little more put-together. A good pair of loafers strikes the perfect balance between formal and casual, and is a nice choice for your night out footwear.

Everyday Wear

How to figure out what to wear for those regular days on vacation? The key here is comfort. Of course, a large part of feeling good is looking good, which sometimes means choosing the well-made basic t-shirt over your favorite sports jersey that’s on its last legs. Having a wide range of good quality basics can make packing for everyday activities a breeze. A handful of crewneck t-shirts along with a few v-necks will serve great on their own, or under a sweater, sweatshirt or overshirt. A few pairs of comfortable shorts made from khaki, denim, an athletic material like rayon or nylon, or whatever material you prefer are an absolute must. As far as footwear, a pair of super comfortable walking shoes is key for a vacation when you plan to be on the move. And a pair of flip flops or sandals is always good to have on hand to run an errand or head down to the beach.

For Chilly Evenings

You won’t want to forget to throw your favorite light jacket in your suitcase — this decision can make or break your trip. Summer evenings are always unpredictable, especially if you’re near the water. That’s why we always remember to bring along a light jacket to keep us warm and keep the fun going while we’re on vacation. Maybe you like a jean jacket, or a military coat. A squall is another great option to keep you a little warmer. A heavy fleece sweatshirt is a nice option, as is a warm wool cardigan or pullover. And it’s never a bad idea to bring a light rain-jacket. If you’re traveling anywhere with high altitude, you may even want to bring a lightweight puffer jacket to keep you warm, since the temperature fluctuates drastically from day to night when you’re in the mountains.

Stay prepared for whatever your vacation brings with these easy outfits. Check out the links below for even more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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