Must-Have Accessories for Men in 2023

Must-Have Accessories for Men in 2023

Men’s accessories can be the key to creating a dashing and tasteful look. A simple belt or unique tie can take your outfit from flat to spiffy instantly! Men may not gravitate toward necklaces, rings, and earrings as much as women do, but there are still plenty of splendid accessories men can wear to enhance their looks and hone their style. Check out our favorite men’s accessories for this year!

Elevate Your Look With Ties

If you want to look professional and put-together, nothing is better than a sleek tie. Ties are a must-have accessory for every man, even if you don’t work in an office. They can instantly make an outfit dressier for a date night or party, and the best part is the endless options. Men's casual shirts can be turned into a semi-formal look with a distinct and fashionable tie. Or, you can add a tie to your favorite men's dress shirts to step up your look. And shopping for ties can be fun, as it gives men a chance to express themselves in many ways.

A boat-laving man can wear a tie with a charming sailboat pattern or even find ties with tiny fish. If you want something more chic and sophisticated, striped and plaid ties are always wonderful options. We recommend buying a handful of ties in different patterns, ranging from simple and solid to playful and unique, so you have choices for other occasions, whether a fancy party or casual dinner.

Functional and Fantastic Belts

Whether you like to wear men's jeans, cargo pants, men’s chino shorts, or dress pants, you probably need a belt to hold them up! So, why not choose a trendy and notable men's belt that will take your style to the next level?

You can opt for classic black or brown leather belts, casual canvas belts, or unique braided belts with colorful threads. Don’t limit yourself to bland belts when there are many options, like eggplant purple, striped nautical, or luscious suede belts. Belts are functional and fashionable, so it’s easy to add flair to your look by incorporating a snazzy belt!

Keep it Casual With Hats

Another functional and stylish accessory, hats are a great way to complete a look and keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes. Consider creating a collection of hats to wear regardless of the season. You can go summer casual with baseball caps or try something different with a rustic fisherman’s hat. You can even get tropical with an islander straw hat that protects your face from the sun and gives you a unique look.

For the cold weather, soft and smart beanies are a wonderful option. You can choose a plush and thermal material to keep your head warm while completing your look. Another option is a fleece-lined winter hat, which often looks like a bulky baseball cap and offers a dashing look that can be woodsy or dapper.

Look Cool and Collected in Sunglasses

If hats aren’t your thing, you can always block the sun with a tasteful pair of sunglasses. Curate a maverick vibe with a pair of classic aviators. You can go jet black for a more mysterious and traditional look, or find a fun color, like orange, green, or blue, to create a more modern and unique appearance.

For a sporty style, opt for polarized shield sunglasses that wrap your face comfortably and make you look edgy and athletic. Or, you can always keep it simple with a pair of thick-rimmed square glasses with a Risky Business vibe that will never go out of style. On the days the sunshine is simply overwhelming and you want to protect your face, you can double up and wear a hat with sunglasses.

Accessorize Your Feet With Socks

Socks are functional, but they can also be a chic and playful accessory for men! Mens socks come in various colors, styles, and patterns, just like ties! If you want to create a preppy look, you can match your socks to your tie and create a cohesive outfit that makes you look fashionable and modern.

But even without a tie, a cool pair of socks can elevate your outfit, especially if you’re wearing shorts. Explore your sock options and see what you like! There are polka-dotted, striped, marbled, and patterned socks. You can find socks with beer glasses on them, a camouflage pattern, or the classic tube sock look with double stripes at the top. Whatever your style is, you can find a fun pair of socks to go with it.

Working With Men’s Accessories

With men’s accessories, you can be bold, refined, or funky. A colorful belt can make your look more plucky, while a classy brown leather belt can make you look lavish and elegant. Your socks may just be a layer between your foot and shoe, or they can highlight your outfit! Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new accessories!


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