Men's Jeans That Will be the Perfect Fit with Winter Boots

Men's jeans that are sure to be the perfect fit with your winter boots

One of the best parts about winter is that it's boot season. Boots are in, whether you're walking down the street in a classic suede boot, strolling through the park in some slick leather work boots, or exploring that ski town in wooly winter snow boots. But boots are only half complete without the perfect pair of jeans. Here's a list of men's jeans that will be the perfect fit for your winter boots, no matter your personal style. There is a jean and boot look for every man this winter that will keep him looking polished and warm.

The classic cotton

Our first choice is the classic, all cotton, traditionally cut men's jeans that no man's closet is complete without. This heavyweight denim is a great choice for most occasions, including the winter months. Dense, starched cotton makes these jeans firm and durable. While these are not our first choice for stuffing into your winter boots, they are absolutely our pick for folding in a sleek-looking cuff. Cuffing facilitates a more versatile look that works anywhere from the office to date night. The stiffer fabric of these jeans will fold over nicely and hold its shape over your choice of boot. We suggest some polished leather work boots or street-friendly hiking boots for an edgy but casual look that will be catching everyone's eye this winter. Avoid any cold drafts by wearing some thick, long woolen socks underneath. You can even spice these up by choosing your favorite color socks, which will peek out whenever you bend or sit.

The slim fit and straight cut

Men's Slim-fit and men's straight-leg jeans are classic styles in and of themselves. Both styles are made of a denim blend of cotton and elastane to stay durable while also being flexible. We love these cuts because they lend a dashing European flair to any outfit. These two jean fits are super versatile to fit with almost any boot style. Because these jeans hug the legs, they are perfect candidates for tucking into your boot. Throw on some snow boots and tuck these slim-fit jeans rights down into them. You'll be properly insulated and uncompromising in style. For an even trendier look, try the stacked leg effect: Let the legs of your jeans scrunch up over the top of your boots for a stylistic look that's more casual than cuffing or tucking, but does a good job of showing off your boots.

Flannel-lined jeans

Flannel-lined jeans are a must-have for everyone this season. Imagine slipping into your favorite jeans in the morning and, instead of your skin meeting cold denim, they slide right into a fuzzy and toasty interior that is designed to keep you warm and comfortable all day. These jeans are designed for a variety of activities. Anything from going to work, playing outside with the kids, running errands, or going on a date, these jeans are made for you to live in all winter. It's like wearing your treasured pajamas all day long, and nobody has to know.

No man's winter wardrobe is complete without these timeless favorites. Roll them up for that cool cuff look and flash those seasonal flannel patterns with any boot. Tuck them into your heavy snow boots or fold them over your city-slicking leather work boots. These jeans are cut wide enough for a casual fit that will slide easily over most boots without compromising on comfort by giving you maximum mobility. For a full-on flannel effect, be sure to wear with a men's flannel shirt to capture that rugged outdoor vibe.

Dark wash vs. light wash

For an added stylish effect when pairing your winter boots with your jeans, pick a jean wash and boot color that matches up beautifully. Try a dark-colored jean to help those boots really pop and bring the whole outfit together. A sleek black leather boot will complement your light-wash jeans for a casual but classy look. Use darker wash jeans to dress your favorite winter boots up and a lighter wash to bring them down to earth. Try some black jeans with your snow boots for an extra-polished wintery look.

One final detail to consider with your boots and jeans

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your socks. Yes, a tiny detail lick socks types can matter a lot. While the type of jeans and boots you’re pairing are important, having the right kind of socks is, as well. Some guys don’t mind if their socks peek out when they sit down, but others really do. So, If you’re wearing jeans that might show your socks, opt for a pair of low-profile socks that will stay hidden inside your boots. If your socks aren’t poking out, you can wear taller socks, but pay attention to the thickness. Thick socks can be great when it’s super cold outside. However, sometimes thick socks can make boots tight and uncomfortable to wear. Socks might seem like a small detail, but they can make a huge difference.

Explore jean washes with boot materials and colors to find your perfect style for this season. There is a winning jean and boot look for every man this winter.


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