Men's packable jacket

Men's jackets: packable for travel vs. packable for day-to-day use

When discussing men's packable jackets, one topic inevitably creeps up: should packable jackets only be used for travel, or do packable jackets have utility outside of suitcases and weekend trips? While it may not surprise you that we side with the former argument, we've got some concrete reasons to back up why packable jackets are fit for day-to-day use, too.

The first thing to get out of the way is the misconception that men's packable jackets are somehow less suited to taking on winter's worst because of their lighter nature. In fact, something closer to the opposite is true. Our packable down jackets have a fill power level that's higher than many of our non-packable jackets. The fill level tracks how much air the down can trap, which in turn measures how much insulation power the jacket achieves.

Men's packable down jackets and men's packable down vests also benefit from HyperDRY™, which ensures that a wet down jacket will dry quickly to recapture its loft. This key feature will provide peace of mind in a sleet storm or winter downpour, as you can be sure that your packable down jacket is just as tough as the down jacket you can't pack.

So yes, the simple answer is that you don't have to make a distinction between your packable jackets and more traditional men's winter jackets when heading out the door. But the fact remains that packable jackets have a few extra degrees of versatility over traditional jackets, a trait that can be just as useful at home and away.

To take one scenario, imagine that you are going to an outdoor sporting event or festival that may be mild and sunny in the afternoon, but quickly chill once night falls. If you are going to be far from your car, hauling a handful of down jackets for you and your family to the event and keeping them tucked under your arm or spread over your knees for hours is going to be a hassle.

However, men's packable jackets can be collapsed into their chest or inside pockets, leaving you with something the size of a fanny pack. Once packed up, packable jackets to fit a family of five can easily be stowed in a single backpack or bag. You can even bring a spare for that new friend who isn't as attuned to the wonders of the packable jacket.

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