Men's Jackets: Packable for Travel vs. Packable for Day-to-Day Use

Men's Jackets: Packable for Travel vs. Packable for Day-to-Day Use

When discussing men's packable jackets, one topic inevitably creeps up: should packable jackets only be used for travel, or do packable jackets have utility outside of suitcases and weekend trips? While it may not surprise you that we side with the former argument, we've got some concrete reasons to back up why packable jackets are fit for day-to-day use as well.

Top Features of Men’s Packable Jackets

The first thing to get out of the way is the misconception that men's packable jackets are somehow less suited to take on winter's worst because of their lighter nature. In fact, something closer to the opposite is true. Our packable down jackets have a fill power level that's higher than many of our non-packable jackets. The fill level tracks how much air the down can trap, which in turn measures how much insulation power the jacket achieves.

Men's packable down jackets and men's packable down vests also benefit from HyperDRY™, which ensures that a wet down jacket will dry quickly to recapture its loft. This key feature provides peace of mind in a sleet storm or winter downpour, as you can be sure that your men’s packable down jacket is just as tough as the down jacket you can't pack.

So yes, the simple answer is that you don't have to make a distinction between your packable jackets and more traditional men's winter jackets when heading out the door. But the fact remains that packable jackets have a few extra degrees of versatility over traditional jackets, a trait that can be useful both at home and away.

When to Choose Men’s Packable Jackets

To take one scenario, imagine that you are going to an outdoor sporting event or festival that may be mild and sunny in the afternoon but quickly turns chilly once night falls. If you are going to be far from your car, hauling a handful of down jackets for you and your family to the event and keeping them tucked under your arm or spread over your knees for hours is going to be a hassle.

However, men's packable jackets can be collapsed into their chest or inside pockets, leaving you with something the size of a fanny pack. Once packed up, packable jackets to fit a family of five can easily be stowed in a single backpack or bag. You can even bring a spare for that new friend who isn't as attuned to the wonders of the packable jacket.

Packable outerwear is a great gift for everyone on your list. As mentioned, you can carry coats for the whole family in a single bag, and they come in colors your whole crew can appreciate. Give a packable puffer as a Christmas gift or for the family member on your list with a winter birthday. These jackets are just as easy to fold up for gift-giving as they are for travel. Pack one into a decoratively wrapped gift box, then all you’ll need is a festive bow and handwritten card for a thoughtful personal touch.

Packable Jackets for Holiday Travel

Traveling for the holidays is one occasion where a men’s packable puffer jacket or parka comes in handy. Whether you’re driving, flying, or taking the train, one of these portable outerwear pieces fits easily into a traditional suitcase or overnight bag. Tuck one of these coats into your carry-on or tote bag, so you’ll have warmth when you need it.

Maybe you’re headed to a tropical destination for winter vacation. Wear your packable jacket until you get to warmer temperatures, then fold it up and stash it in your bag. From there, you can pull out the men’s swim trunks, rash guards, and shorts for fun in the sun. When you get back to a cold climate, the packable jacket can come back out to keep you stylish and warm.

If your winter vacation includes a ski slope or ice skating rink, a packable down coat is a must. There are men’s long underwear to go under your clothing as a warm, moisture-wicking foundation, along with waterproof snow pants and active long-sleeve tees. There are plenty of fashion possibilities to consider when choosing a winter vacation outfit and packable coat style.

What to Wear With Men’s Packable Jackets

Another great feature of the packable jacket is that it goes with most every type of apparel. There are plenty of outfits you can pair with a packable coat, whether you prefer a parka or puffer. Wear one of these jackets with men’s jeans and a sweater for classic winter style. If you want a look that’s warm and semi-casual, pair a cotton cable-knit crewneck style with straight-leg denim. A dressier option is a pair of men’s chinos and a cashmere sweater. A sweater vest over a dress shirt also looks stylish under any jacket.

If athleisure is your preferred style, layer a packable down coat over a men’s sweatshirt. There are different styles of men’s sweatpants to finish the look, including jersey knit pants with a relaxed fit and French terry joggers with ribbed cuffs. Some men’s sweatpants are lined with fleece for cozy warmth, and many styles have full elastic waists with drawcords for a custom fit.

How to Accessorize Men’s Outerwear

It’s easy to accessorize a men’s packable down jacket with winter accessories. There are men’s hats, scarves, and gloves in different colors to coordinate with any outerwear. Look for items made from fleece for softness and warmth; there are also waterproof insulated gloves for snowy conditions.

Men’s packable coats and jackets can be worn with any style of men’s winter boots. There are insulated Squall boots for blizzard conditions and men’s duck boots for days with more rain than snow. You can even wear a packable jacket with men’s sneakers, especially if you choose a pair with winter-ready features like a rugged, slip-resistant outsole. A pair of wool socks is also a must-have when it comes to staying comfortable in the wintertime.

You really can’t go wrong with a packable coat for travel and everyday wear. With so many styles available, you can easily find one or more that works for your climate and lifestyle.


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