Men's guide to pajamas: why they're better for sleep than loungewear

When it's time for bed, you need something comfortable to wear if you want a good night's sleep. And though you might be tempted to reach for your loungewear, it's not the best choice. Instead, get a pair of men's pajamas from Lands' End that will help you snooze peacefully.

Why loungewear is great

If you're curled up on the sofa watching a movie or reading a book, loungewear is great. You'll feel more relaxed than you would in jeans and a men's button-up shirt, after all. However, a pair of sweatpants and a long sleeve t-shirt might make you too warm for quality sleep.

Why overheating during sleep is bad

Overheating while you're dozing can stop the body from producing enough growth hormone and melatonin. This can negatively impact various things, including your metabolism. Staying cool while you snooze, however, can result in deeper, longer rest.

Another thing to keep in mind is that though you might prefer warmth, humans tend to sleep better when it’s cooler. The optimal temperature for sleep is between 60-67 degrees. This is usually a bit cooler than most people keep their houses on a regular basis. By setting your thermostat on the lower end of the 60-67 degree range, you’ll be promoting better sleep for all in your home.

Pajamas for all seasons

During the summer, stay cool in one of our cotton pajama sets. Lightweight and breathable, they're just what you need on warm nights. Many styles, including woven pajama pants, also have an adjustable waist and a relaxed fit, making them extra comfy.

In winter, you may need warmer PJs to help you reach that just-right temperature. Something like our men's flannel pajamas will do the job nicely. The super-soft material feels great against your skin, but still allows for air circulation.

The seasons and climate of your home can greatly impact the kind of pajamas that are most comfortable to sleep in. If you live somewhere warm year-round, you won’t have to switch your pajamas up too much. Just buy yourself a few sets of cotton pajamas, and you’ll be set. If you sleep warm, even in cotton pajamas, consider getting short sleeve pajamas that have shorts instead of pants. If you live in a colder climate, year round, you might need to bust out your flannels, all the time.

Also keep in mind when you’re buying pajamas that our houses are much more temperature controlled than they once were. So, no matter what season or the climate of the place where you live, you can control the temperature in your home. So, if you prefer to sleep in breathable cotton, you can! Just don’t turn the thermostat too low. You can also sleep with extra fleece blankets. If you like to sleep in the cold, maybe flannel pajamas would be a better choice for you. So, just don’t forget to think about the temperature you prefer to sleep in when you’re purchasing pajamas.

No matter what you wear to bed, developing good sleep habits is important. Try to hit the hay at the same time every night to get your body used to a pattern. Staring at screens before bed can also interfere with your circadian rhythms, so put down the phone and tablet an hour or two before dozing off.


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